THE AIDS AWARENESS EDUCATION CELL was started in the year 1999, and as implied by the name, works to create among youth, awareness regarding the prevention of AIDS and care of AIDS victims. The myths and misconceptions about AIDS have caused needless panic and concern among people. The Cell aims to remove the epidemic of fear that haunts the public through its programmes.

Yearly activities of the Cell include Orientation for New Members, Training of Educators, Educative Sessions, relevant competitions, conduct of AIDS Awareness Week, and relevant competitions, conduct of AIDS Awareness Week, and visits to rehabilitation centres and hospitals. The Cell collaborated to form the Red Cross Society and together they organize blood donation camps and field visits and serve society in various ways

Activities for the year 2018-19

  • Orientation for the I Year Degree Students

    The Youth Red Cross began its activities on June 23rd 2018 with an orientation programme for the newly joined members. The Staff Coordinator Mrs.Prajwal Rao briefed the students about the origin and historical outline of Red Cross and motivated them to take part in all the activities of the Association.

  • General Quiz

    On July 7th 2018, a general quiz on "Red Cross" was organized for the members to become more educated on the various aspects such as the origin of Red Cross, historical outline, the objectives, important days observed, etc, Importance of Antidrug addiction On 4th August 2018, the staff coordinator briefed the students on the importance of "International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking". Various aspects like types of drugs, their psychological effects on the youth due to drug abuse, various disorders associated with over usage of alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, tobacco, opium etc was explained to the students. Red Cross Prayer song and Welcome clap The members learnt the Red Cross Prayer song and Welcome clap during the month of August which is mandatory to be followed during any official programme of Youth Red Cross.

  • Slogan Writing Competition

    Slogan writing competition on the topic 'Importance of Blood Donation" was organized for the members of the Cell and fifteen days time was given to submit their slogans(1st September 2018).

  • Other activities

    Apart from the above mentioned activities, the members of the Cell were actively involved in group discussion, watching inspirational movies ,Seminar presentations, Role play on topics like Social Awareness, Care of the girl child,Health and hygiene etc.