Biotechnology was introduced in 2003. It is a vocational subject and is interdisciplinary in nature. It is a three year course with an annual scheme of examination.

Biotechnology is the science of applied biological process. The emergence of biotechnology in its present form can be traced back to 1970's when it emerged as a separate branch of study because of the increased potential for applications for the emerging techniques of Molecular Biology. It is an effervescent science, a verdant field of research, a promise of a promise and its ferment for a bright future is everywhere.

Biotechnology today is undergoing a resurgence in a wide range of applications and a tremendous increase all over the world. It has resulted in a proliferation of new ideas and concepts as also a large increase in available information and data in all of the biotechnologies.

One aspect of Biotechnology - genetic engineering is also becomming a topic of considerable public interest and debate because of its long term possibilities in altering and improving the genetic heritage of agricultural plants, farm animals and even human beings.

The study of Biotechnology is centered around Biochemistry, Biophysics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Recombinant DNA technology and Environmental Biotechnology

Course Code
Title of Paper No. of hrs / Week Credits
I BIT 101.2 Cell Biology and Genetics (Theory)

4 2

BIT 151.2 Cell Biology and Genetics (Practical)

3 2
II BIT 201.2 Biochemistry and Instrumentation (Theory)

4 2
BIT 251.2
Biochemistry and Instrumentation (Practical)

3 2
III BIT 301.2 Microbiology and Immunology(Theory)

4 2
BIT 351.2 Microbiology and Immunology(Practical)

3 2


BIT 401.2 Molecular Biology (Theory)

4 2
BIT 451.2 Molecular Biology (Practical)

3 2

BIT 501.2 Animal Biotechnology(Theory)

3 2
BIT 502.2 Biostatistics Bioinformatics, Patents and IPR 3 2
BIT 551.2 Animal Biotechnology(Practical 4 2
VI BIT 601.2 Plant Biotechnology (Theory)

3 2


BIT 602.3 BIT 602.4
Industrial Biotechnology Environmental Biotechnology
3 2
BIT 651.1 BIT 651.2 Plant Biotechnology (Practical)

4 2

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