Weekly Mass, monthly Holy Hour, classes in Christian Doctrine and the annual retreat are regular features available to an Agnesian student. Membership to CLC and the Legion of Mary enable students to put Christian precept and values into practice. The primacy of God, the importance of prayer and the need; of selfless service are always upheld.

Regular Religion and Moral Science classes help in strengthening the spiritual fabric of campus life. A two day Retreat was arranged for the Catholics on the 13 and 14 of June. Brother Thomas Mathew and Anil Anthony from Bangalore were the resource persons along with a vibrant Jesus Youth Team who helped in Praise and Worship. Prayer Days for the Moral Science students arranges class-wise served to augment the spiritual dimension and strengthen their value system. The Spirituality Committee under the leadership of Dr. Nancy Vaz conducted daily prayer meetings with Scripture study in the mornings for about a half hour before the morning session.

The III degree students worked on the four Human Values Projects as part of the Value Education Programme. About 200 themes under the Values of Truth, Justice, Peace and Love were researched and compiled within the semester. Each group presented her study in a creative manner which became the basis of the 'Human Values Project Exhibition'. The Apostolic Management appreciated the work done with appropriate prizes