The COLLEGE CHOIR provides students with opportunities to discover and enhance the talents of music and singing through various college events. Sweet, melodious and harmonious singing add charm to the routine of academics.


  • To form a band of students to sing for various programmes of the college.
  • To provide opportunities to showcase the talents of the students in music and singing.
  • To synchronize music with song and melody.

Staff Co-ordinator

Ms. Jonita Rasquinha

Student Incharge

Ms.Venitia D'Silva, IIIrd B.Com

The College choir took the initiative to form a melodious choir for all the campus masses.

An orientation programme was conducted on June 24th , 2017 for the first year students of the College Choir. The coordinator gave an introduction about the College Choir, objectives and some guidelines. Games and group activities were also being conducted.

The members of the choir have taken the initiative to sing the College anthem every Monday on the PAS with each group taking their turns.

Patriotic group singing competition was conducted for the member's on 12th August 2017 during the ECA hour.

Each of the groups were given the opportunity to tune the song composed by Dr. Abdul Kalam and the best group was chosen to sing for the Global TV program held at our college on the eve of Dr. Abdul Kalams death anniversary.

A group wise activity-'Pick and sing' was conducted for the 4 groups on 9th September 2017.