The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 1989. The Centre has a state of the art laboratory with 36 Computers and one laboratory for hardware practicals.

Computer Science is being offered as one of the optional subjects for B.Sc. students since 1990.



  • To facilitate learning in students of Computer Science, by dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced and efficient teachers who not only love the subjects they teach, but also create a longing and enquiring mind in their students.
  • To impart value based knowledge and encourage the students to be responsible citizens and also care for the less fortunate in society, on coming out of the portals of St. Agnes College.


  • To acquire the programming skills for translating problems into algorithms and algorithm into programs in any programming language.
  • To prepare themselves to become efficient software professionals in the IT industry.

Computer Science - Papers Offered

Semester Course Code Title Hours Per week Credits
I COS 101.1 Fundamentals of Digital Electronics 4 3
COS 151.1 Digital Electronics Lab and   MS Office Lab 3 2
II COS 201.1 Programming in C 4 3
COS 251.1 C Programming Lab 3 2
III COS 301.1 DBMS and Data Structures using C 4 3
COS 351.1 Oracle and Data Structures Lab 3 2
IV COS 401.1 Java Programming 4 3
COS 451.1 Java Programming Lab 3 2
V COS 501.1 Visual Programming using VB.NET 3 3
COS 502.3/ COS 502.4 Operating Systems Internet and Web Designing 3 3
COS 551.1 VB.NET and Linux Lab 4 2
VI COS 601.2 Web programming using ASP.NET 3 3
COS 602.3/   COS 602.4 Microprocessor Architecture and 8086 Programming / Fundamentals of Networking 3 3
COS 651.2 Web Programming using ASP.NET and Microprocessor Lab 4 2
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.Sc, PGDCA

  • Orientation program was conducted for the first year BSc. Computer Science students by final year BSc. Computer science students on June 12th 2017
  • A guest lecture on "Software Testing" was organised for the final year BSc students on July 15th 2017 by Mr.Prathap Kumar from IIHT, Mangalore
  • An intra-departmental fest "ZENITH -2017" was held on August 10th 2017. 'Dum Charades' event was conducted by BSc Computer science students
  • An aptitude test was conducted for final year BSc. Computer science students by Pavithra Vikas from NIIT, Bejai , Mangalore


The Department trains the students in logic development and problem solving skills. The students are also given the opportunity to use internet and prepare themselves for online tests in all the skills required for IT Industry placements. The students attend the Campus placement processes by the top IT companies like Infosys, HP, Mahindra Infotech,TCS etc and gets placed. In the academic year 2014-15, ELEVEN students got placed and in 2015-16, Four students succeeded in getting the job