St Agnes College was the first Women's College not only on the West Coast but also in the whole of South India. The Economics Department of St. Agnes College has the privilege of being the oldest department dating back to the foundation of the college in 1921 when it was affiliated to the Madras University. Economics was one of the subjects offered in all the combinations in the humanities strain as women whose only career option then was teaching opted mostly for Economics and History. With the reorganizations of States, the college and the department under it had to move from Madras to Dharwad, Mysore and finally Mangalore University.

Land-Marks of the Department:

  • First to start Mathematical Economics
  • Starting the Planning Forum
  • Sr. Noelline, the H.O.D. took the initiative to start the Mangalore University Economics Association, taking a step towards forming an Economics Professional Community at the University and State level.
  • Rain Water Harvesting was started on the campus by two members of the Department- Sr. Agatha Mary and Mr. Clement D'Souza before it was taken over by the College.
  • Upgrading of the Department after NAAC.
  • Autonomy has motivated the Department to not only think creatively but also materialize the creative thoughts.

Activities During 2016-2017

The Freshers of I B.A. were welcomed in our midst with a short orientation programme put up by the II and III Year B.A students. There was a short entertainment highlighting the importance of the subject, the avenues open to a BA Economic graduate. The Chief Guest for the Programme was Dr.B.C.Manjula, HOD of the Department of Economics, St. Agnes College, motivated and inspired the students with her talk about career options and goals in life
Service Learning: Final year students of the department were involved in lending their service through service learning activity once a week . Eight students of final year degree every Wednesday proceed to Mallikatte government school to teach students lessons, crafts, paintings etc to make use of the latent skills. The programme encourages our students to be service minded in sharing their knowledge and expertise.
To inculcate in students love for the nature "Nurturing nature in the neighbourhood" was organized during which 125 saplings were planted by economics students on the road divider in front of St. Agnes college gate. The renowned environmentalist Saalumarada Thimmaka was the chief guest. The students with the Eco Secretary take turn to clean up the area, manure and take care of the plants every week.
To bring about ecological balance and prevent environmental degradation the department has organizes programmes like rain water harvesting , poster competition , collage painting, model making , campus cleaning.The first year students were given the knowledge of rain water harvesting .The entire process was explained to the students in the actual field.

Activities During 2015016

A National conference on 'Social Entrepreneurship - A way to reonstruct the society' was conducted on 23 and 24 November.

The Department of Economics has organized a visit to the Syndicate Bank and a field trip to industries.  As part of the International year of Family Farming, the department put up an exhibition on the theme Ancient, Medieval and Modern Family Farming. 


Extension activities of the Department:


The department had organized an extension service visit to 'Snehalya' - a home for the Destitute at Talapady.  20 students of I B.A. and II B.A. along with a staff member spent value time with the 45 inmates of 'Snehalaya'- a home for the mentally and physically disabled men, picked up from the streets.  The students interacted with them affectionately.  They were given eatables and an amount of Rs.3300/- which was contributed generously by a few students.

Name : Sr. Dr. Venissa A.C. (Prescilla D'Souza)
Department : ECONOMICS
Designation:HOD, Vice Principal
Qualification:M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
12/02/2016 National Mangalore University Economic Association Annual National Conference - 2016 SDM College(Autonomous)Ujire, Karnataka Partcipated

Papers Presented

Year Level Theme Place Participation Type
2012 National Economic Linkages of Poverty, Migration and Homlessness: Chennai and Bangalore, Research Methodology Workshop at Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai Presented Paper
2011 State Micro Finance and Self Help Groups: A Two Dimensional Approach to Women Empowerment, Empowerment of women - Issues and Challenges Department of Economics, Vidyodaya Arts and Commerce First Grade College, Mysore Presented Paper

Papers Published

Year Level Paper Title Book Title and Publication No.
2014 National Homelessness and Vulnerability - A Multinomial Logit Analysis Echo Research - A Multidisciplinary Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Pgs. 71-84
2013 National Income and Employment of Homeless people with Special reference to Bangalore and Chennai Echo Research - A Multidisciplinary Journal, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Pgs. 12-24
Name : Prathvi.U.Karkera
Department : ECONOMICS
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.A, -

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
30/11/2015 National MICRO FINANCE AND INCLUSIVE GROWTH AND INCLUSIVE FINANCE: ISSUES AND POLICY OPTIONS St. Agnes College(Autonomous), Mangalore Organizing Secretary
11/09/2015 State A Symposium for College Faculty Shri Ramakrishna Matt,Mangalore Participated
Name : Derik Dias
Department : ECONOMICS
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.A, -

Economics - Papers Offered

Semester Course Code Paper No. Title of the paper No. of hrs / Week Credits
B. A.
I ECO 101 I Micro Economics 6 4
II ECO 201 II Macro Economics 6 4
III ECO 301.1 III Monetary Economics 6 4
IV ECO 401.1 IV International Trade & Public Finance 6 4
V ECO 501.1 V Economic Thought 5 3
 ECO 502.3 ECO 502.4 VI (Electives)Development Economics Statistical Economics 5 3
VI ECO 601.2 VII Indian Economics 5 3
 ECO 602.4 ECO 602.5 VIII (Electives)Mathematical Economics Environmental Economics 5 3
I COM 104.2   Business Economics 4 4
II COM 204.2   International Trade 4 4
III COM 303.4   Monetary Economics 4 4
IV COM 403.4   Public Finance 4 4