Farewell Programme

The Valedictory programme for the final degree students of the College was organized on 17 March 2018 in the College Auditorium.The English Department assisted by the Hindi department were in charge of conducting the programme.This year the theme was ' GO WITH CONFIDENCE IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS'. After hoisting the college flag at the flag post the students moved to the auditorium in the order prescribed, followed by the dignitaries, Sr.Dr. Maria Roopa A.C. Superior and Local Manager, Dr. Sr. Jeswina A.C. Principal, Dr. Sr. Venissa A.C. Vice Principal,Dr. Maria Lobo H.O.D. Botany , Ms. Keerthi and Ms. Freudy the teacher representatives, followed by the faculty members.The programme in the auditorium began with prayer by II B.A. students, reading of the scriptures by the II year students, followed by a light entertainment programme with a welcome dance and a skit by the students of II year. The formal programme began with lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and a II B.A. student Ms. Melisha. After this the President and the four vice presidents passed the light on to the other students. This was followed by the administering of the oath by the principal and the principal's address followed by the speeches of the President and four Vice Presidents. The junior's speech on behalf of all the juniors was rendered by Ms. Veena of II B.A. The final note to the programme was set by the Farewell song sung by the Choir group. The M.C's. for the programme were Ms. Nazlin and Ms. Alisha of II B.Com, the welcome speech was delivered by Ms. Neema of II B.A.and the Vote of Thanks was given by Ms. Riza of IIB.A.The programme concluded with the College Anthem.