Working towards Peace and Harmony, the students promote peace conciousness across religions, cultures and nations. Through interfaith prayer sessions, lectures discussions and other peace promoting programmes the Harmony Clubs helps in the spread of Peace.

THE HARMONY CLUB was initiated in the year 2006, to serve an urgent need of spreading peace amongst all, and to widen the knowledge of different cultural and religion practices across geographies. The Club has conducted several talks and competitions every year, especially on the occasions of major festivals of various faiths, namely, The Nativity of Mother Mary, Krishna Janmashtami, Christmas, Id-ul-Fitr, Onam, Nagara Panchami, and others. Guest lectures on the essential concepts of various religions, competitions like 'Pookulum', 'Crib Making', 'Mehendi Design', 'Rangoli', 'Pot designing', 'Quawali' are among its attempts to foster a respect for each other and emphasise the congruence in human values across faiths and communities.  'Gandhi Jayanthi' and 'Peace Day' are significant days that the Cell uses to promote harmony in the campus and in its surroundings.

10/6/17: Introduction to Harmony Club

Students of the first and second year were introduced to Harmony Club. The students were familiarized about the activities that would be conducted in the club.

24/6/17: Orientation

Students were motivated to actively participate and show case their talents through the activities conducted by the club. They were also divided into 5 groups consisting of 10 members each.

8/7/17: Pick and Speak

During this activity, students were asked to suggest some topics to speak upon and around 30-35 topics were suggested. Later on each student spoke for one minute about the topic picked by them.

15/7/17: Ice Breaking Session

In this session each group was asked to introduce themselves in an innovative way. Some of the groups introduced in such a way that other groups had to guess their names.

22/7/17: Poster Making Competition

Here the students were asked to make a poster on the topic tourism in their groups.

5/8/17: Freindship Day Celebration

On this day the students were provided with A4 sheets and were asked to depict their ideas on friendship. And most of them had prepared a friendship card.

19/08/17: Turn Coat

The topic for turn coat was "If a woman becomes The President of India". The students had to speak one minute for the topic and another one minute against the topic.

9/9/17: Mehendi Competition

On the auspicious occasion of Bakrid, mehendi competition was conducted and the students enthusiastically participated in it.

9/12/17: Pictionary

Here the students were divided into two groups and two students from each group were asked to come forward and were given a word and one of them had to convey the word to another through geometric shapes.

16/12/17: Christmas Celebration

On this day the club members celebrated Christmas in advance by learning the significance of the feast, by exchanging greeting cards and sweets. The students greeted each other.

06/01/18: Free Hand Drawing Competition

Here the students were informed in prior about the competition and were asked to come prepared for it. On this day they were provided with A4 sheets and were asked to draw whatever they wished for.

20/01/18: Quiz

The students were asked to participate as a group and were asked general knowledge questions.

27/01/18: Republic Day Celebration

On the auspicious occasion of Republic day, the importance of republic day was read out and the students were asked a few questions about the history of India.

03/02/18: Debate

Here the students were divided into four groups and there were two debates conducted on the topics:
1)Are single sex colleges more effective than Co-ed colleges?
2) Is it necessary to have 80% attendance to appear to an examination? The students actively participated in it.

10/02/18: Planning for service activity

In this session the students suggested some ashram that could be visited for our service activity. They also decided on the programmes to be given.

17/02/18: Practice

On this day the members of the club practiced the programmes to be conducted during the Ashram Visit.

24/02/18: Campus Cleaning

During this ECA hour the students of Harmony Club joined hands and cleaned the college campus.

03/03/18: Ashram Visit

On this day in the afternoon the students along with the Association Co-ordinator and the Association Secretary visited "Prashanth Nivas Ashram", Jeppu. They were overwhelmed to meet the kids in the ashram and enjoyed each moment of the evening spent there. The students performed and conducted some games for the kids residing there. The students also danced and played along with them. At the end the kids were given gifts.