1921 The College comes into being under the name St. Ann's College.
1922 Sr. Annunciata takes over as the Principal with Junior Intermediate and Senior classes.
1923 The chapel is blessed.
1924 The College secures affiliation with History Economics, attains the status of First Grade college and changes its name to St. Agnes College.
1929 The College is granted affiliation in French, Kannadaand Malayalam for degree classes.
1934 Sr. Theodosia takes over as the Principal.
1936 Affiliation secured for Mathematics and Natural Science.
1939 A new block, partly the hostel and partly the college put up.
1942 Chemistry and Physics are offered as subjects completing the Science section. Another New block houses Physics & Natural Science; Dewan Bahadur P.C. donates the Home Science Block.
1946 The College celebrates Silver Jubilee, Mathematics & Sanskrit introduced for the B.A course and Sanskrit and Household Arts for the intermediate class.
1954 A Magazine published as a joint venture of the college and the High School.
1956 A two year Diploma Course by the Social Work Dept. inaugurated by the Bishop.
1956-1958 Marks the affiliated status of the College under the three universities - Madras, Karnataka and Mysore;Psychologyis introduced as a subject.
1959 The completion of a new block with the capacity to house Physics and Chemistry depts., makes way for the introduction of Science courses at Degree level.
1963 Sr. Scholastica takes over as the Principal.
1965 Botanyand Zoologyblocks are put up under the auspices of the UGC.
1969 Introduction of Commerce at PUC level.
1970 Completion of three-storeyed hostel building and Non-Resident Student Centre.
1970-1971 Centenary of the AC Congregation and the Golden Jubilee of the college; a School for the Mentally Challenged comes into being as the Centenary Memorial.
  • National Service Scheme is launched.
  • The college receives the COSIP (College Science Improvement Programme) grant by the UGC.
  • Geography is introduced at the PUC level.
1974 Secretarial Practice is introduced at Degree level.
  • College Humanities and Social Science Improvement Programme (COSHIP) is sanctioned by the UGC.
  • Principal Hedwige undertakes the construction of the Auditorium and the Commerce Block
1976 Launching of 'Earn While You Learn' Scheme.
  • Sr. Aloysius takes over as the Principal
  • Direct payment of salaries.
  • Opening of Syndicate Bank Extension Counter (1978).
  • Inauguration of the Canteen.
  • Affiliation to Mangalore University (1980).
  • Diamond Jubilee Celebrations (1981).
  • Parking Shelter for two wheelers (1984).
  • Installation of the gas-plant and the generator.
  • New Library Block. (1985)
  • Introduction of BBMCourse & Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Computer Applications.(1988)
  • Introduction ofComputer Science&Statistics for the PUC & Degree and Electronics for the PUC. (1990)
  • Introduction of Data Processing, English & Kannada major for the Degree (1990)
  • Inauguration of the Carmel Block (1990)
  • Dr. Sr. Olivia assumes the office of the Principal.
  • Introduction of Electronics and Microbiologyat the Degree Level (1993)
  • Completion of a new block housing the Microbiology lab (1994).
  • Introducti on of Vocational Course - Computer Applications for the B.Sc (1994) and Secretarial Practice & Office Management for B.A. (1995).
  • Introduction of Carmel Counseling Centre.(1999)
  • Accreditation by NAAC at Five Star Level in 1999
  • Sr. Carmel Rita A. C. takes over as the Principal.
  • Hosting of College Web Site(2001)
  • Launching of Water Shed Management Project(2001)
  • Introduction of R & D Cell.(2001)
  • Setting up of Chemistry & Botany Research Lab.(2001)
  • Inauguration of Carmel Gym.(2003)
  • Introduction of Biotechnology at the Degree Level.(2003)
  • Inauguration of Peace Cell.(2003)
  • Inauguration of Women Centre(2004)
  • Establishment of Greivance Redressal Cell(2004)
  • Re-accreditation by NAAC with an 'A' grade in 2005
  • Introduction of BCA course (2006)
  • CPE I phase in 2006
  • Roselyn Jimmy Carter Award for 'Water Shed Management'
  • Dr.(Sr.) Prem D 'Souza A. C. takes over as the Principal.
  • College recieves Autonomous status (2007)
  • Introduction of BSW course (2009)
  • Establishment of PG centre (2009)
  • Five Post-Graduate Programmes & Research Centre
  • Introduction of two New sections of B.Com.
  • College earned star college status
  • Triumphed in its second Re-Accreditation with A Grade by NAAC
  • Linkage with Catherine of Siena Virtual College U.S.A.
  • Community service centre
  • ATP Programme with Concordia University, New York
  • Re-accredited by NAAC with an 'A' grade with 3.53 CGPA in 2012
  • Grant under 'Star College Scheme from DBT, New Delhi for 3 years - 2012
2014 Sr. Supriya A. C. takes over as the Principal
2016 Dr. Sr. Jeswina A. C. takes over as the Principal