The leadership and selection camp for the Nss volunteers was held at mangalore university college, Konaje from 17-07-18 to 23-08-18.
Ms.Prathijna-IIIrd B.Com B
Ms. Ashwini from-IIIrd B.com A
Ms. Nerissa Noronha-II B.Com B
Ms. Melrida-II B.Sc participated in the camp.

As the NSS motto says 'Not me, but you' ,the NSS volunteers were taught to be selfless and also aim at all round development of the society and themselves through the informative educational sessions conducted during the camp. The selection campers were given a chance to showcase their talents through various competitions. Shramadan was held on a regular basis providing an opportunity to the students to understand the concept of dignity of labour.

It was a proud moment for the college as Ms.Shikshitha,an Agnesian, who had participated in the Republic Day parade at Delhi , attended the leadership and selection camp as a trainer. All in all the camp provided a platform for the NSS volunteers to interact and mingle with students from various colleges from 3 different districts, learn something new everyday and return with pleasant memories.