The Lit-Wit Literary Club has 78 students enrolled for the academic year 2017-18. 60 in Western Dramatics and 18 in Communicative English.

The Western Dramatics members were given a chance to hone their acting skills through skit enactment. A group of students was selected to stage a drama at the college level and was allowed to practice during the ECA hour.

Activities like Turn Court, Affiliation game, Movie Review, Word Games, etc were conducted.

Ms. Jyothi D'Souza conducted a play Mother's Day and it was staged in the Auditorium on the occasion of Women's Day. The play was a grand success.

As a part of their service activity the club conducted a cleanliness drive in the campus on 18 February 2018. All members of the club participated actively.

Faculty Incharge
Asst. Faculty Incharge

Asha Judith Albuquerque
Jyothi Dsouza