The Department of English was one of the earliest to be established by St Agnes College when the institution made its foray into postgraduate education in 2008. The Department, then as now, carefully and thoughtfully planned its course content in order to offer students wishing to earn an MA Degree in English the best possible curricular experience and to offer upright, sensitive and intelligent citizens to society. Every subsequent curriculum revision has likewise been premised on the assumption that society requires students who will serve as its mind, heart and future. Further, one of the major objectives of every curriculum designed by the Department has been the employability of the students upon their successful completion of the programme.
Towards this end, courses like Cultural Studies, Subaltern Studies, Postcolonial Thought and Literature lend the programme contemporary relevance. Courses like those in British Literature, Indian Writing in English, Indian Literatures in Translation, Children's Literature, World Literatures and American Literature trace the roots of the discipline and help prepare students for the NET and SLET. Students are also prepared for futures in research through all courses but most particularly through the Term Paper and Research Methodology, which constitutes their project work. They are also fit out for employment in education or the corporate world with courses such as Teaching of English as a Second language and English for Specific Purposes.
In keeping with the newly introduced guidelines offered by the UGC, the Department offers a wide and useful array of Open Elective courses to students pursuing other programmes at the St Agnes Centre for PG Studies and Research. Among the strengths of the Department are its dedicated and well-qualified staff who have distinguished themselves academically as also through creative writing. New features introduced by them include a Theory Club for extra theoretical underpinning for the students, remedial grammar sessions for those who disadvantaged and a tie up with a peer college of repute for curriculum design and faculty and student exchange programmes. The staff and students employ technology for the teaching-learning process and the former use innovative methods to enrich the classroom experience.
Students are mentored in the writing of scholarly papers for presentation at National and Inter-collegiate seminars/conferences, and in the writing of articles for magazines. They are trained to participate in contests at various literary festivals and have often returned bearing laurels.
The Department is delighted to place on record that the employment rate of its students is high and that it can boast of a few alumni of significant achievement.
Objectives of the Department:
Staff Objectives:

  • To become visible scholars, enhancing their own knowledge and qualifications, thereby inspiring their students to become the same
  • To design and execute innovative ways of teaching students
  • To mentor both advanced and slow learners and thus make both the best that they can be
  • To nurture a climate of original thinking and reasoning in the Department thereby preparing themselves and their students for research and creative writing and publication

Student Objectives:

  • To become sensitive, thinking and hard working individuals who are willing to plough back the benefits of their education into society
  • To become academically competent
  • To obtain gainful and worthwhile employment

Name : Dr. Geralyn Pinto
Department : PGENGLISH
Designation:Associate Professor and HOD
Qualification:M.A, Ph.D

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
5 & 6, February 2016 National " Quality Initiatives with special focus on Women's Education" St Agnes College (Autonomous) Mangaluru Presented Paper,Moderator
3-10, December 2014 International Prakriti Poetry Festival Prakriti Foundation and The Hindu Newspaper, Chennai Presented Selfauthored Poetry
13 August 2014 State Awareness Programme on Inflibnet N-list E Resources St. Agnes College(Autonomous),Mangaluru Participated
13 August 2014 State Awareness Programme on Inflibnet N-list E Resources St. Agnes College(Autonomous),Mangaluru Participated
7-8 February,2014 National The Re-constitution of Sexuality in the Media and Popular Culture Department of English, St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru Delivered Keynote Address
19-20 September,2014 National ALL WRITE Department of English, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru Convener
1-2 March,2013 International Engaging Priorities, Enabling Connections: India, Canada and the Way Forward The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, at Mangala Gangothri, Mangalore University Presented Paper
11 January,2013 National Narrative Semantics: Texts, contexts, Re-mediations Poorna Prajna College,Udupi Resource Person
14-15 December,2012 National Charles Dickens and Victorian England: What the Dickens? St. Aloysius College(Autonomous),Mangaluru Presented Paper
21-22 February,2012 National Reading Indias Christ University, Bangalore Presented Paper

Papers Presented

Year Level Theme Place Participation Type
2004 International Invention and Re-Invention in the context of Colonial Nationalisms 13th Triennial Conference of the International Association of Literature and Language Studies Presented Paper
2006 National In an Antique Land: An Interrogation of the Rhetorical Strategies of History Perspectives in Indian English Fiction”, organized by the Association of English Teachers of Mangalo Presented Paper
2007 International In an Antique Land: A De-Elitization of History "Literature for Our Times": The 14th International Triennial Conference of IACLALS, Vancouver, Canad Presented Paper
2012 National A Patchwork Counterpane: The Self-Contradictions of Dickens and His Work "Seminar on "Charles Dickens and Victorian England" What the Dickens? 14 & 15 December 2012 organize Presented Paper
Name : Ms. Raveena Maria Mascarenhas
Department : PGENGLISH
Designation:Assistant Professor

Achievements of Dr. Geralyn Pinto

Special Lectures and Enrichment Programmes:

Sl No Name of the Student-Enrichment Programme Title of the special lectures/workshops/seminars with dates Details of External Experts
1 Enrichment Programme Communication Skills : 25/7/2016 - 14/12/2016(30Hours) Mr Francis Aranha(IPS Retd.)
2 Special Lecture Nationalism:Issues and Contestations on 23/07/2015 Prof Rajaram Tolpadi,Dept Of Post-Graduate Studies in Political Science, Mangala Gangothri,Mangalore University,Konaje
3 Special Lecture A General Introduction to Cultural Studies on 22/9/2015 Dr Sripad Bhat,Chairman, Department of English,University of Goa,Talegao Plateau,Goa - 403206
4 Special Lecture Dr Ambedkar and the Dalit Movement in India on 19/10/2015 Prof Valerian Rodrigues,Retd. Chairperson,Dept. of Political Science,Mangalore University Retired Professor,Centre for Political Studies,School of Social Sciences,JNU, New Delhi
5 Special Lecture A Clinical Psychologist's Analysis of Henry James - "The Turn of the Screw" on 21/3/2016 Mr. Priyesh,Student of Clinical Psychology,P.G. Department of Clinical Psychology,St Agnes P.G. Centre,Mangalore
6 Special Lecture A Clinical Psychologist's Analysis of Henry James - "The Turn of the Screw" on 28/3/2016 Dr. Vinoth Kumar,P.G. Department of Psychology,St Agnes P.G. Centre,Mangalore
7 Special Lecture Modern Fiction with a special focus on the Works of Virginia Woolf on 29/3/2016 Dr Melissa Goveas,Asst Professor,P.G. Department of English,St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore
8 Special Lecture Series Sessions of the Theory Club(6 hrs over Semester I) Dr Geralyn Pinto,Asso. Prof.P.G. Department of English,St Agnes P.G. Centre,Mangalore

Green Initiatives:

The Students of the Department of PG Studies in English, , under the guidance of Mrs Sonya Karkera ,conducted Workshops to train college students and school pupils in the techniques of bottle gardening
The following Institutions were the beneficiaries:

  1. U.G. and P.G. Departments of St Agnes College
  2. St Agnes Primary School
  3. St Agnes High School
  4. St Agnes School Scouts and Guides
  5. St Agnes PU College
  6. St Aloysius PU College
The following students of M.A in English were actively involved in the workshop:
  • Ayshath Suhaima
  • Susan Christleen D'Souza
  • Swathi Rao
  • Dalsy Dominic
  • Dina Mohamed Salim
  • Shalini Saldanha
  • Swathi
  • Vandana D'Souza

Course Contents

Semester Paper Code Title of the paper HardCore/SoftCore Compulsory/Optional
I MENG H 101 British Literature I - From Chaucer to Shakespeare HC Compulsory
MENG H 102 British Literature II - From Milton to Pope HC Compulsory
MENG H 103 Indian Writings in English - From the Beginnings to the Twentieth Century HC Compulsory
MENG S 104 Children's Literature SC Optional(2 out of 3 Papers)
MENG S 105 English Language and Linguistics SC
MENG S 106 The Reading and Interpretation of Literature SC
II MENG H 201 British Literature III - From Gray to Wordsworth HC Compulsory
MENG H 202 British Literature IV - From Tennyson to Yeats HC Compulsory
MENG H 203 World Literatures HC Compulsory
MENG S 204 Literary and Critical Theory SC Optional(2 out of 3 Papers)
MENG S 205 Indian Literatures in Translation SC
MENG S 206 Envisioning Shakespeare SC
MENG E 207 Communicative English OE Optional(1 out of 2 Papers)
MENG E 208 Travel Writing OE
III MENG H 301 British Literature V - From the Inter-War Years to the 1950s HC Compulsory
MENG H 302 Cultural Studies HC Compulsory
MENG H 303 Research Methodology HC Compulsory
MENG S 304 Teaching of English as Second Language SC Optional(2 out of 3 Papers)
MENG S 305 Diaspora Literature SC
MENG S 306 Eco Literature SC
MENG E 307 Autobiographies OE Optional(1 out of 2 Papers)
MENG E 308 Popular Fiction OE
IV MENG H 401 Postcolonial Thought and Literature HC Compulsory
MENG H 402 American Literature HC Compulsory
MENG S 403 English for Specific Purposes SC Optional(2 out of 3 Papers)
MENG S 404 Subaltern Literature SC
MENG S 405 African Literature SC
MENG H 406 Term Paper and Viva HC Compulsory/Optional


Total No. of Hard Core (HC) Courses = 12 ;Total No of Credits = 54

Total No. of Soft Core (SC) Courses= 8;Total No of Credits = 32

Total No. of Open Elective (OE) Courses= 2;Total No of Credits = 6

Grand Total:No. of Courses (including project work) = 22;No. of Credits= 92
Workshop - ALL WRITE
Educational Tour to PUNE
Library Orientation
Onam Celebrations
Stage Craft
Special Lecture