24/06/17- Inaugural
The students were introduced to management forum and briefed upon what activities are conducted.

01/07/17-Wealth out of Waste
The students were asked to collect waste from the campus and make wealth out of it and describe what they have made.

08/07/17-Business mime & Fish bowl
Students had participated in the various activities conducted like fish bowl, business mime and Chinese whisper.

15/07/17-Queen of Agnes
The class was divided in two groups. There were various rounds and tasks of mini activities and games between the groups.

22/07/17-Switch Roles
Participants were given different channels and roles to be enacted in accordance to the speaker who keeps switching the role.

05/08/17-Campus Cleaning
The students participated in the campus cleaning and contributed to the cleanliness of the college.

12/08/17-Speak Speak Speak
A speaking activity was conducted where a person would come forward and speak on a topic given or a topic of their choice.

The students were given a debatable topic where they had to take the stance and then switch sides after a specific duration and thus debates against herself.

02/09/17-Three Monkeys
A team building activity was conducted outdoors where they had to overcome the challenge of communication and working as a team.

09/09/17-Outdoor Activities
The students were taken to the campus grounds where team based activities were conducted that made them work together as a team and strategically plan and play that would help them win.

16/09/17-Business Whisper
The students participated in this activity as pairs where one had to guess the management or commerce related terms that her partner was communicating by lip syncing.

09/12/17-Planning for industrial visit
The students along with the staff coordinator were planning for the industrial visit that was to be held on 16th of December 2017.

16/12/17-Industrial Visit
The students were taken to Anagha Refineries and Achal Industries at Baikampady wherein they had a practical exposure to the production process followed in the industries.

06/01/2018-Class Activity
Students were divided into teams of 2 each, one was given a geometrical figure and she had to describe it to the other who had to draw and identify what the figure was.

20/01/2018-Business Quiz
Quiz was conducted. Students were asked questions on brands, logos and general topics.

27/01/2018-Favorite Brand
Students had to choose a particular brand and they had to defend their brand against the criticisms of others.

Students were given topics on which they had to speak for at least for a minute without any pause or fumbling.

10/02/2018-In Verbal Communication
Students were divided into 2 groups and were made to stand in a line. The first person was given an action and it had to be repeated to the others and then the last person had to tell what the action was.

Students were divided into team of 3 each and were given a few products. They had to call dummy customers and had to sell the products over the call.

27/02/2018-ECA Registration
Students had to register themselves for the ECA for the upcoming year.

03/03/2018-Double Trouble
Students were divided into team of 2 and were given Rs 10, by which they had to buy a product and sell and double the amount.

Certificates were distributed to the students for the activities that were conducted during the year. Marks were given to the students and signatures were taken.

Ms. Jenisia