The department of Mathematics was established in 1948. The Department focuses on making its students strive for excellence in acquiring basic knowledge and skills in mathematics, and thereby get motivated to pursue higher studies.


  • To conduct a degree course in mathematics which is intellectually challenging and rigorous, ensuring that the graduates are well-placed to pursue postgraduate studies or to enter employment;
  • To provide students with friendly pastoral and academic support which will help them develop their capabilities in an environment where both independent study and interaction with staff and fellow students are encouraged.


On successful completion of the studies, the student should -

  • have learnt to assimilate substantial knowledge in mathematics
  • have the potential to apply critical and analytical reasoning to mathematical problems,
  • have developed problem solving skills,
  • have had the opportunity to take options outside their main area of study, through add-on courses
  • have the ability to understand and present mathematical arguments and rigorous proofs,
  • have the ability to comprehend basic levels of abstraction in the study of mathematics,
  • have had the opportunity to enhance investigative, communication and presentation skills.

Mathematics - Papers Offered

Semester Course Code Paper No Title Hours per week Credits
I MAT 101.2 I Calculus and Number Theory 6 4
II MAT 201.2 II Number Theory and Differential Equations 6 4
III MAT 301.2 III Functions of several variables, Multiple integrals and Group Theory   6 4
IV MAT 401.2 IV Analytical Geometry, Ring Theory and Complex Variables 6 4
V MAT 501.2   V Special Functions and Differential Equations 5 4
MAT 502.1/ MAT 502.2/ MAT 502.3/ MAT 502.4/ MAT 502.5 VI 6a) Discrete Mathematics 6b) Numerical Methods 6c) Graph Theory 6d) Linear Programming 6e) Modeling 5 4
VI MAT 601.1 VII Partial Differential equations, Vector spaces and Series 5 4
MAT 602.1/ MAT 602.2/ MAT 602.3/ MAT 602.4/ MAT 602.5 VIII 8a) Discrete Mathematics 8b) Numerical Methods 8c) Graph Theory 8d) Linear Programming 8e) Modeling 5 4
I MAT 102.1 I Fundamentals of Mathematics-1        4                          2
II MAT 202 II Fundamentals of Mathematics - 2        4          2

  • Intra Class written quiz competitions were conducted for students of the First, Third and Fifth Semester B. Sc. Classes, in June 2017, and an Departmental Level Oral Quiz was conducted for the winners of the first and second places, in July 2017
  • The annual Intra Class 'Notice Board Display Competition' is going on since June 2017
  • Conducted the competitions on 'Mathematical Drawing' and 'Mathematical poetry writing' as part of 'Zenith-2017', the annual Talents Day Celebration for B. Sc. Students
  • Conducted an Add-On Course on 'Training Tutors in Mathematics for MBA Entrance Examination.'

Extension Activities

  • Dr. Adelaide Saldanha gave a Lecture cum Demonstration on 'Mathematics through Origami and Embroidary' at Government B. Ed. College, Hampanakatta, in May 2017.
  • Dr. Adelaide Saldanha gave a Lecture on 'The Fascinating World of Mathematics, and Field Medal Winner with special reference and homage to Late Maryam Mirzakhani', at St. Joseph's Engineering College, Vamanjoor, in August 2017
Name : Dr. Adelaide Saldanha
Department : MATHEMATICS
Designation:Associate Professor and HOD
Qualification:M.Sc, Ph.D, PGDCA

Name : Vidya Saraswathi
Department : MATHEMATICS
Designation:Associate Professor
Qualification:M.Sc, M.Phil

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
5th and 6th February 2016 National Quality initiative in higher education-special reference to women's education St Agnes College(Autonomous), Mangaluru Participant
27th and 28th February 2015 National Ancient Indian Political Thought St Agnes College(Autonomous), Mangaluru Participant
12th and 13 December 2014 National Number Theory and it's Applications MGM College, Udupi Participant
17th and 18th July 2014 National Numerical Methods and Network Analysis Milagres College, Kallianpur Participant