Microbiology has received a great deal of attention in recent years by virtue of its application in medicine, agriculture, industry, biotechnology and molecular biology. This has created enthusiasm among the present generation of students who visualize bright prospects for opportunities in employment and research.
Microbiology for B.Sc Degree was started in the year 1993. This course is offered to the students in combination with two other subjects-Zoology and Chemistry. The first batch of students passed out with cent percent results, with 90% and above securing first class with distinction and similar results have been obtained in the subsequent years also.
The department consists of three well-qualified full time staff members; two trained in the field of Medical Microbiology, and one in General Microbiology. The department is furnished with two well equipped laboratories with all the latest equipments including laminar air flow unit, photo electric colorimeters, optical and electronic balances, advanced research student microscopes, autoclave, distillation apparatus,Gerber's centrifuge .

Activities during 2016-17

Blood typing:

The Department of Microbiology conducted a blood typing programme for the first year students of St. Agnes College during the month of June and July. It was done in the Microbiology laboratory I from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. onwards.37 students of the first degree class availed this facility.
Extension activities:
Blood typing was done for 42 students of St. Agnes Primary & High School, Bendore, Mangaluru, on the 11th and 20th July 2016.
Guest Lecture
The Dept. of Microbiology organized a guest lecture by Dr.Ahrsia, Dept of Physiology, Yenepoya Medical College on the topic Post Menstrual Syndrome on the 22nd July 2016.She enlightened the students on the Definition and Duration of Post Menstrual Syndrome, Hormonal levels, Symptoms associated, Statistical data, phases of menstrual cycle and Menarche. She concluded the lecture by saying that Post Menstrual Syndrome is not a disease but just a disorder and also gave tips for healthy life style modification. This was followed by a interactive session .
Add on course : Mushroom cultivation
An Add-on course on Mushroom Cultivation was conducted for 25 students of final year MZC class in the Odd Semester, 2016. The students learnt to cultivate mushrooms using agricultural wastes and also the economic and medical importance of mushroom.

Activities During 2015-16

In the 21st century we see Microbiology emerging as one of the top priorities in the field of Biological Science. Microbiology has a very wide scope encompassing specialities as diverse as Cell Biology, Genetics, Pathology, Immunology, Food and Industrial Microbiology, Agriculture, Bioinformatics, Ecology etc.
Microbiologists have made significant contributions in the applied areas of public health and Medical Sciences, Agriculture, Industry and Environment Science. Microbiology is an Undergraduate programme for B. Sc students which started in St. Agnes College in the year 1993-1994. Microbiology was introduced keeping the following objectives in view:

  • To provide exposure to Microbiology and its significance
  • To train students in techniques used to isolate, culture, observe, identify and control microorganisms
  • To create awareness among the students on the ways in which microorganisms interact with their environment and the practical consequences of these interactions


  1. Field Visit:The department organized a one day field trip to Nandini milk dairy, Kulshekra on 5th March 2016 for the final year Microbiology Students. The students learnt the process of pasteurization, different ways of packaging of milk, storage and the preparation of various milk products during this visit
  2. Blood typing Programme The Department of Microbiology organized a blood typing programme for the first year students of St. Agnes College in the month of July. The blood of 90 students of the first degree class was typed.
  3. Guest Lecture The Department organized a guest lecture for the students of final year MZC on 3rd September, 2015 on the topic "Biomedical Waste Management". The resource person was Dr. Ethel Suman.

Extension activities

  1. Awareness talk: A talk was organized on the topic "Health and Hygiene" for the students of Psychology Forum on 22- 8-15 in Psychology class room.
  2. Mushroom Cultivation: A talk and Demonstration was organized on the topic "Mushroom cultivation" for the students of St.Aloysius College by Mrs. Vidya Patali on 21-8-15 in Microbiology lab-1

Microbiology - Papers Offered

Semester Course Code Paper No. Title of the paper No. of hrs / Week Credits
I MIC 101.1 I General Microbiology-I 4 2
MIC 151.1   Basic Techniques of Microbiology 3 2
II MIC 201.1 II General Microbiology-II 4 2
MIC 251.1   Microbial Techniques 3 2
III MIC 301.1 III Microbial Growth 4 2
MIC 351.1   Microbial Growth 3 2
IV MIC 401.1 IV Microbial Physiology and Metabolism 4 2
MIC 451.1   Microbial Metabolism 3 2
V MIC 501.1 V Medical Microbiology 3 2
MIC 502.1 VI Environmental Microbiology 3 2
MIC 551.1   Applied Microbiology 4 2
VI MIC 601.1 VII Industrial Microbiology 3 2
  MIC 602.5       OR   MIC 602.6 VIII (Elective: 1) Bacterial Genetics OR (Elective: 2) Bioinformatics and Biostatistics 3 2
  Applied Microbiology Practical Applied Microbiology Practical & Project 4 2
Name : Patali Vidya Shankar
Department :
Designation:Assistant Professor and HOD

Name : Prajwal Rao H
Department :
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.SC, M.Phil, Certificate course in Food & Nutrition

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
28th January 2015 National Advances In Biological Sciences Alva's College, Moodbidri Partcipant
8th and10th January 2015 National SCIENCE IN ACTION St Agnes College(Autonomous), Mangaluru. Partcipant
26th June 2014 University Drug Use Disorders Are Preventable And Treatable University College, Mangalore Participant
18th & 19th January 2013 National Emerging Trends In Biological Sciences St.Agnes College(Autonomous), Mangaluru. Participant
23 August 2013 National Recent Trends In Probiotics And Food Biochemistry-Significance And Relevance St.Aloysius College(Autonomous), Mangaluru. Participant

Papers Published

Year Level Paper Title Book Title and Publication No.
2014 Institutional An Article Echo Research - A Multidisciplinary Journal - Vol:2,Issue : 1 St.Agnes college,Mangalore ISSN-2321-5364
Add On Course
Add on Course
Add on Course
Add on Course
Blood Typing - Extension Activity
Extension Activity
Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture
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