This Club seeks to create awareness on environmental issues through its activities. Students are encouraged to take membership in the Nature Club. They are provided opportunities to study and admire the environment and thereby understand the need to conserve nature's bounty.

THE NATURE CLUB which has "Nurture Nature" as its motto, observes Environmental Week every year, with activities related to its objectives. They also participated in the 'Vanamahotsava' programme organized by Mangalore City Corporation. Competitions are conducted for students to increase their love for nature and develop awareness about its conservation. At the same time, guest lectures by individuals who have made a mark in the area of nature conservation and environmental protection, have been arranged during the last six years. Films based on relevant issues, for example, "Worshipable Plants ~ Myth or Truth" were screened for members.

Activities 2015 - 2016

Nature Club, Rangers Association and Women's cell  organised a  guest lecture on Significance of Breast Feeding and Awareness on Breast Cancer to commemorate the International Year of Breast Feding on August 08-08-2015. The Resource Person was  Dr. Aruna Kamath


1.Orientation programme: Nature Club began its activity by an orientation programme on 18.06.16wherin the new members were briefed about the club and its activities by the convenors and senior members. Election of the new secretary and assistants were conducted.and Azweena Maqsooda of III B.Sc was elected secretary

2.De weeding the herbal garden: The herbal garden in the campus was cleaned by the members by removing the weeds and other waste material on 27-6-16 The members were divided into groups and in rotation groups were assigned duties week wise to clean and maintain the herbal garden.

3.Cleaning and Maintenance of vermicompost unit: The vermicompost unit of the college was cleaned and fresh dried leaves were added by the members on 2-7-2016 The members were assigned duties week wise in groups to clean and maintain the vermicompost unit.

4. Environmental Week Celebrations Environmental Week Celebrations from 4-9th of July 2016 Prayer was conducted by the members over the PAS for the week, theme being "Protect Mother Earth" Creative Painting competition on the topic "Monsoons" on 9-7-16 Distribution of plants to staff and students of the campus during the week The saplings were collected from the forest department of fruiting and flowering trees and distributed during the week.

5.Guest Lecture: A guest lecture on "Awareness on breast feeding and breast cancer" was organized for the members on 20-8-2016 The resource person was Dr.Poornima .J Gynecologist .Lady Goshen Government The lecture included PPT presentation followed by discussion

6.Environment debate: A debate on environment was conducted for the members on 2-8-16. The members were divided into groups and their knowledge on recent changes and developments in the environment were assessed

7. Creative thinking: Members were given a photograph on various aspects of nature on 13-8 2016 where in they had to write an article or a poem based on the impact of the photograph given. The articles and poems will be included in the Annual Ecomagazine Nisarga

8. Quz: As part of the Awareness towards Green Initiatives , Quiz was conducted to the members on10-9-2016 on the topic "Green Earth" in order to impart knowledge on nature

9.Nature outing : A three days outing to Munnar and Kochi was organized from 3-11-2016 to 6-11-2016 for the members of nature club to visit the wild life sanctuary,parks and scenic beauties of natures. It provided an enriching experience to interact with nature.

10.Campus cleaning: Campus cleaning was done by the members to make the campus a plastic free zone on 26-11-2016.The members cleaned the campus , collected the waste and put it for disposal

11. Paper bag making: Demonstration of making Paper bags was done on 10-12-16.The members were trained to prepare paper bags to replace the plastic bags which are hazardous to human health

12.Wealth out of waste competition: Wealth out of waste competition was held on 28-1-2017. The members prepared items from waste which were judged for their usefulness and prizes given.

13. Valedictory: The valedictory programme was conducted on 11-3-2017 wherein the prizes were given to the winners in various competition conducted . The members expressed their views on the activities of the club and the programme ended with high tea.

14.Nisarga-Ecomagazine: Articles and paintings collected for the nature Club Magazine Nisarga 2016-17 are being compiled and the eco-magazine will be printed at the earliest

Mrs. Ameetha.K

Orientation programme :

Miss Carol was selected as the secretary for the academic year 2015-16.

Environment week celebrations : 6-11th of July

Prayer was conducted over the PAS for the week .

Students participated in creative drawing competition on topic "International year of soil and light" on 11-06-15.

Distribution of saplings

Guest lecture was conducted on 08-08-15 on topic "International year of breast feeding" by Dr. Aruna kamath

Cleaning and maintenance of college Herbal garden Vermicomposting unit.

Movie on Nature

Nature related movie on "EARTH RESOURCES" was screened for the members on 22-08-15 and this movie helped the students to admire the environment resource and thereby understand the need to conserve natureís beauty.

Quiz Competition

A QUIZ was conducted for the members on 21-11-15 .The students were divided in groups and their knowledge and interest towards the nature was tested.

Activity 1

PG college had organized "BOTTLE GARDENING" on 12-12-15 and the students have keenly participated and learnt the benefits of planting in creative skills

Activity 2

Students have learnt how to prepare the "PAPER BAGS" on 19-12-15 and make our environment plastic-free.

Cleaning the College Campus

Green Initiative

A program was conducted on 23-06-15 by the students for Agnes primary school. Students have performed a dance, song and the mime show on "SAVE WATER".

Nature Visit

Outing was organized for the members on 21-11-15 to Sammilan Shetty's Butterfly park, Moodbidri .

Valedictory : on 27-02-15