India is called the land of agriculture. Agriculture plays a very important role. A field is an area of land used for agriculture purposes such as cultivating crops. Farming creates opportunities to lift people out of poverty in developing nations and to inculcate the importance of agriculture in youth ,"Gadheyalli Ondu Dina" was organised on 5th July 2018 at Kalimar , Konaje.Around 125 students from Sri Ramkrishna College , Shree Gokarnatheshwara College , Carmel College Modankap, University college and St Agnes College Mangalore participated in this unique programmme with the NSS programme coordinators of these colleges.

The program was held in Mr.Prasad Rai's fields at Konaje .The programme commenced with a prayer song led by University College NSS volunteers. The Chief Guest of this program was Mr. Sadashiva Acharya who addressed about the benefits of cultivating the crops and spreading awareness on importance of agriculture and role of farmers. Prof. Vinitha Rai- NSS Coordinator Roshni Nilaya, Prof. Dr. Sanjay Annarao and Dr.Bharathi Pilar -NSS coordinators University College, Mrs. Helen Serrao -NSS Program coordinator St Agnes college, Mrs. Madhura- NSS coordinator Modankap Carmel College, Ms Keerthi -NSS coordinator Sri Ramkrishna College, Dr. Dinkar Pachanadi - Shree Gokarnatheshwara college, and Mr Abdul Rahim Kodijal NSS coordinators were present for the inaugural. Chief Guest Mr. Sadashiva Acharya. 25 NSS volunteers of St Agnes College had attended the program along with Mrs. Helen Serrao NSS program coordinator .Students got into the fields and took part in planted rice saplings along with the locals. This gave them an understanding of the hard work put in by farmers to grow paddy and so should never waste food .Students enjoyed the field work by singing songs and completed the task assigned to them the program concluded at 4.30pm.