The camp was scheduled to be at Ranipura from the 1st to 7th November 2017.The journey began on the 1st of November where in we started from the college divided into 5 distinct groups named after five rivers from different parts of India like Mahi,Koshi,Phalguni,Brahmani and Shipra but entered our camp site at Ranipura as one NSS family.The camp included 93 NSS volunteers along with 5 staff including the programme officers and 2 support staff. Everyday each group was given different responsibilities like cleaning, food, hospitality, report writing and cultural in charge to make sure that the students get an exposure and experience everything from working in groups to doing individual tasks. The day used to begin even before the sun would rise at 5.00 A.M followed by the morning prayer and warm up exercises to refresh our minds and bodies. The flag hoisting ceremony was at 7.00 A.M followed by the morning breakfast.The day continued with shramadhan where in the students cleaned the entire campus and the surroundings,dug pits for rain water harvesting,cleaned the roads and many other areas in the vicinity.The day would continue by having lunch with everybody by praying together and waiting until everbody was served with lunch.The afternoon hours were occupied with group discussion and activities which helped students improve their rappot with their co-campers.The educational sessions had a lot to contribute to the over all personality development of every camper.Cultural programmes were held every evening where in every student got an opportunity to showcase her talents.The localities too got a chance to participate in the various competitions like dancing,singing which were organized specially for the localities them.The day used to end with dinner together.The last activity of the day was the evaluation and report reading.The camp ended on the 7th of November.The camp ended with the "Shibirajyothi",a tribute to the country.