Goal 1) Strive for well focused Organization and Management of Educational Needs
Encourage more participatory functioning of inter-disciplinary board, Women's studies Centre and Departments through wider groups such as Faculty of Life sciences, Physical Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Commerce & Management.
b)Strengthen and empower various committees already functioning at the college level and constitute required new committees.
c)Improvise inter-departmental communication through networking.
d)Maintain academic flexibility of credit transfer, lateral / vertical mobility in programmes of study.
e)Support self financing and interdisciplinary programmes in emerging areas of Study.

Goal 2) Sustain enthused Human Resource-Faculty and Students

Recruit qualified and committed teachers and nurture excellence.
b)Conduct regular orientation and training programmes on collegiate and professional matters.
c)Organize frequent staff enrichment programmes.
d) Organize workshops and seminars for improvement in academic quality.
e) Follow up feedback from stakeholders for improvement of Teaching.
a) Attract quality students through the use of effective modes of publicity and ensure transparency in admission process.
b) Organize motivational and inspirational activities for better Skill Development and give Orientation for higher studies.
c) Conduct need based activities for health promotion, value education and Spiritual growth.
d) Provide bridge, remedial and add-on courses.

Goal 3) Promote a participatory Teaching Learning Process
Design and develop need-based, relevant curriculum
b) Involve industry, research bodies and civil society in curriculum design.
c) Make learning more student centric with relevant methodologies.
d) Facilitate lifelong learning and knowledge management for holistic development of students.
e) Reform evaluation strategies for comprehensive student assessment.

Goal 4) Mobilize Financial Resources for Optimum Utilization.
a) Raise funds through fees and grants for college initiatives.
b) Mobilize alumni and benefactors supported finances.
c) Contribute consultancy earnings to the college funds.
d) Allocate funds for teaching, learning and research activities judiciously.

Goal 5) Improve and Improvise Infrastructure Facilities
a) Upgrade the classroom facility for more ICT based teaching and learning.
b) Provide all library facilities in one Block as Information Centre
c) Establish Women's Studies Department.
d) Link the Departments with Intra-net facility.
e) Ensure eco-friendly environment and undertake green audit of the campus.
f) Optimise the infrastructure facility with more flexibility and Decentralization of activities

Goal 6) Enhance Research, Consultancy and Extension activities.
a) Create necessary environment for establishing research culture.
b) Activate and empower Research Cell.
c) Motivate the faculty for Minor and Major Research work and its publication.
d) Establish linkage with NGOs for necessary extension activities.
e) Develop a Resource Centre for training and providing information on socially relevant areas.
f) Involve the local community in social outreach programmes.

Goal 7) Focus on Women's Development Activities
a) Activate the Women's Studies Centre towards starting of UG and PG programmes of study.
b) Promote field and skill-based training through the Women's Centre - 'Sumangala'