Department of PG Studies in COMMERCE

The department runs the prime course of Master of Commerce for which the department was established in 2009.This is one of the prestigious courses in Mangaluru.The Alumni of the course are well placed in business, academic and administration in the country and abroad. The course serves the needs of academics as well and prepares students for research and teaching in business studies. The commerce and business education is highly application oriented and hence the department follows multi-dimensional pedagogy for different programmes which consist of Lectures, Tutorial, Case Studies, Individual and Group presentation, Seminars and workshops, Assignments, Survey based field work, Projects, Industry interactions, Extension lecturers on emerging issues. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are inculcated in the curriculum system to enable students to become effective leaders who are adept at taking calculative decisions. This awareness also helps them to select their job avenues. Objectives of the programme To prepare the candidate or a wide gamut of business positions including a teaching career. To provide comprehensive and in depth knowledge and skill based that is required for a candidate. To enhance and update knowledge and skill in the related areas of specialization.


The Post Graduate Department of Commerce envisions to provide an atmosphere for young graduates to acquire expertise in technical and interpersonal skills so as to make them industry relevant and self reliant.


The Department is committed to expand knowledge base of students through conscientious effort and enable them to build a dynamic network in the academic and professional field so as to ensure job placement on completion.


Commerce is a field that is continuously evolving, changing and developing and thus, there is a need to be well-informed and proficient in the basics of business, finance and the entire field of trade and commerce. Due to intense competition it is necessary to offer programs that enhance the analytical and understanding ability and provide them with diverse and quality job opportunities along with a bright future. Commerce in itself has a vast scope and there is a necessity to be aware of its components. An institution that offers higher education needs to churn out students who not just excel in their academics but extend their learning to frontiers beyond the regular curriculum. It is necessary for the institution to identify the talent gap between the abilities of the students and what the corporate world really needs and enable the learners to acquire the entire technical, professional and leadership skills required to face the challenging environment. It is with this goal in mind that the Post Graduate Department of Commerce was established in the year 2009 to empower graduates with the finer skills required by the industry through post graduate education. The department has churned out 7 batches totaling to more than 200 students who are well placed in teaching and administrative jobs both in India and abroad.

Objectives of the Department

Though a great emphasis is placed on extra courses, the benefit and importance of a rigorous and high quality academic curriculum cannot be undermined as it serves as a base to understanding the subject. Curriculum designing and syllabus revision was undertaken by the faculty of commerce keeping in mind the following objectives:

1. To increase the relevance of courses offered through contemporary curriculum updated regularly and provide intensive training for competitive examinations.

2. To provide an environment for technical and life skills development

3. To nurture inquisitive and evaluative abilities among students

4. To equip the students with employability skills and expose them to various career avenues.

5. To enhance a sense of social responsibility and community sensitivity

Name : Dr. Catherine Nirmala J
Department : PG Commerce
Designation:Associate Professor and HOD
Qualification:M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
19th & 20th August 2016 International Emerging Trends in Finance, Accounting and Banking " India: The Next Economic Miracle SDMIMD, Mysuru Presented Paper
29th & 30th January 2016 National Conference on Financial Inclusions Canara College, Mangaluru Presented Paper
30th November and 1st Decembe National Conference on Financial Inclusions St. Agnes College(Autonomous), Mangaluru Presented Paper
23rd and 24th November 2015 National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship St. Agnes College(Autonomous), Mangaluru Moderator
Name : Mrs. Dolan Banerjee
Department : PG Commerce
Designation:Assistant Professor

Name : Mrs. Reema Jennifer Dsilva
Department : PG Commerce
Designation:Assistant Professor

Name : Mr. Mahammad Thauseef P
Department : PG Commerce
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.Com, NET,