The College runs the National Service Scheme(NSS) with a unit of 100 members. The NSS provides training in leadership and service opportunities to the members. It effectively channels the energy and interest of the students into areas of social, cultural and community development. Agnesians deem it a privilege to be members of the NSS. Members put in 120 hours of work per year and work as volunteers for two consecutive years. A student who fulfills these conditions is awarded a certificate by the University. The Mangalore University makes allowances for students who have a record of service in the NSS to the PG Programmes.

1. Dr. Nancy Vaz M. Com. Ph. D Programme officer UNIT I

2. Dr. Uday Kumar B. M. A., M. Ed., Ph. D.  PGHDF Programme officer UNIT II

THE NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME (N.S.S.) focuses on the development of the personality of students through community service. Hence their activities cover a wide range of areas, such as environment/wasteland development and water conservation, health and family welfare, work in schools, hospitals, orphanages and homes for the destitute, training programmes and guest lectures, and some competitions.

The NSS has launched a mega watershed management and development project at Kiram, Vamanjoor, and Asaigoli, Derlakatte. They have been involved in cleaning drives in the campus; at Pilikula Nisargadhama, at St. Agnes Special School, in an adopted village at Neermarga, at Lady Goschen Hospital and Thaneerbhavi Beach.

In the area of health and family welfare, their contribution has been in the conduct of dental camps, AIDS awareness programmes, blood donation camps and participation in The World Health Marathon Rally, and in workshops on "Healthy Living" and "Sex and Sexuality".

At the various centres that they visited, they served in various ways like training children in dance, song, craft, etc.; holding evening classes for the academically weak; equipping school children in techniques of various sports and games and collection of materials for the poor and the needy. The Awareness programmes organized by them include an inter-collegiate workshop on teenage problems and a University-level workshop on Water Management and Development. Volunteers attended several seminars and camps- a five-day training programme on "Cultural Ambassador" at Dharwad, and a "National Integration Camp" at Bangalore being two of them.

The N.S.S. unit of St. Agnes College has several achievements to its credit. In 2006-07, Manjusha Hebbar, a member, represented the University at the National Day Parade at Delhi, which Hardika Shetty represented the University on the same occasion, as well as at the State Republic Day Parade, Bangalore. These two members received the Indira Gandhi NSS Awards for 2006-07 at Chennai and along with the NSS Programme Officer, Mr. Charles S. Pais, received the Mangalore University Award as well as the State Award during the year. Ms. Jyothna P.J. repeated the feat of her seniors by representing Mangalore University in the State Republic Day Parade the following year and she led the contingent which won the first place for March Past.

The N.S.S. unit was instrumental in St. Agnes College, receiving the prestigious international "Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Partnership Award" for the work done in watershed management and development.

  1. Indira Gandhi NSS Award 2006 - 2007
    • Ms. Hardika Shetty
    • Ms. Manjusha Hebbar
  2. Karnataka State NSS Award 2006 - 2007
    • Best Unit
      • St. Agnes College Unit
    • Best NSS Programme Officer
      • Mr. Charles Stany Pais
    • Best NSS Lady Volunteer
      • Ms. Hardika Shetty
      • Ms. Manjusha Hebbar
  3. Mangalore University NSS Award 2006 - 2007
  4. Ms. Hardika Visited China in 2008
  5. Ms. Manjusha Hebbar Visited Srilanka in 2008

Special Achievements of the NSS Unit

  • Participation in the Republic Day Parade, New Delhi
    • 2006 - Ms. Majusha Hebbar
    • 2007 - Ms. Hardika Shetty
  • Participation in the State Republic Day Parade, Bangalore
    • 2006 - Ms. Hardika Shetty
    • 2008 - Ms. Jyotsna