Psychology is a fascinating subject and hence everyone gets attracted to the subject instantaneously. Psychology is nothing but the study of human behaviour. It touches almost every facet of our lives. In today's busy and fast moving world students are faced with a lot of stress, tension, competition, time urgency and many more problems. Psychology helps them to deal with the problems and more importantly to face the problems with courage. Knowledge of psychology not only helps them to know themselves better, but also to know and understand others. This helps their inter - personal relationship.
Why do people behave the way they do? Do we dream every night? What is the effect of genetics and environment on behaviour? How does the brain work? These questions as well as topics such as stress management, personality development, health and wellbeing, child development, attitude formation, are dealt with in the psychology syllabus.
As psychology is a practical subject they are given hands on experience at special school. Here they are acquainted with different types of mental illness and are taught how to deal with the children having these special needs.
We in the department believe that mere theoretical knowledge of psychology is not sufficient. We make the students use the knowledge of psychology in dealing with their practical everyday life problems. Through a number of outreach programmes students acquire various skills like Communication skills, Leadership skills, Organizational skills, and problem solving skills.
On the lines of Maslow's concept of self actualization, we in the department motivate and encourage our students to use their potential to the fullest extent and be self-actualized individuals.


  • To make teaching more effective by using innovative learner-centered methods.
  • To help students apply psychological knowledge to real life situations.
  • To instil human values and social concern, through extension activities.
  • To provide opportunities for building up self-confidence and self-image of the students.

Minor Research Project

Mrs. Hithakshi B., Department of Psychology, answered viva on her thesis "Management of Stress, Depression, Anger and enhacement of general well-being in nursing students through positive therapy" " on July 18, 2014., under Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Comibatore.

Psychology - Papers Offered

Semester Course Code Paper No. Title of the paper No. of hrs / Week Credits
I PSY 101.2 I Foundations of Behaviour 04 02
PSY 151.1 Practical-I 03 02
II PSY 201.2 II Dynamics of Behaviour 04 02
PSY 251.1 Practical-II 03 02
III PSY 301.2 III Child Development-I 04 02
PSY 351 .1 Practical-III 03 02
IV PSY 401.1 IV Child Development –II 04 02
PSY 451 .1 Practical-1V 03 02
V PSY 501.2 V Social Psychology 03 03
PSY 502.2 VI Abnormal Psychology 03 03
PSY 551.1 V Practical-V 04 02
VI PSY 601.1 VII Organisational Behaviour 03 03
PSY 602.2 VIII Health and Well Being 03 03
PSY 651.1 VI Practical-VI 04 02


Psychology orientation was conducted on 16 June 2017 for the first year Psychology students who were introduced about psychology and briefed about the various branches of psychology and career options available through a PowerPoint presentation. This was followed by, dance performance and games which consisted of riddles. Many first years were enthusiastic about showing their talents and many came up and performed on the stage.


On 15th July, the department of Psychology organized Vanamahotasava as a part of the green initiative. The teachers of the department had brought saplings and students collected the different saplings from the teachers to plant them in their houses and hostels.


On 3 July 2017, a guest lecture was arranged in the afternoon for the III B.A Psychology students. The lecture was delivered by Mrs. Lakshmi from the Journalism department who took up the session on soft skills. She conducted many activities in which all the students actively participated and enjoyed.


The II Degree students have been visiting the St. Agnes Special School from 19th July 2017 on a regular basis on every Wednesday. They were briefed about the various services which they would be rendering to the children of the special school. Every week voluntary contributions are made by the students of II Degree and the amount is handed over to the headmistress of the special school which is being utilized for the buying of necessary equipments for the children.


The department of psychology organized the Artspire for the academic year 2017-2018. All the departments had organized various competitions in which the student participated and won prizes. Students took the initiative to conduct various competition this in turn helped them to develop organizational skills.


A workshop on the topic "Motivation and Goal Setting" was organised on 30 January 2018. 35 students of the college attended the workshop. The Chief Guest for the inauguratal function was the Principal Sr. Dr. Jeswina A.C. The resource persons were Ms. Rani Mangala, Chief head, WAKE UP centre for counseling and Ms. Shafeena, Counseling Psychologist. The Head, department of Psychology Mrs. Vinatha K Staff Cordinator of the Workshop Dr. Hithakshi and Psychology Secretary Ms. Pooja were also present.


The IInd degree students conducted intelligence testing for the first standard children of St. Agnes Primary School.


Regular counselling is rendered to the students who are in need.


Around 10 students of the final year B.A did their internship for 1 month at K.S Hegde and Father Mullers Hospital.

Name : Dr. Hithakshi B
Department : PSYCHOLOGY
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.A , Ph.D

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
29th December 2012 State Level Learning Disabilities Bhandarkar’s College, Kundapura Attended
13th, 14th, 15th Septembe National Level Research Ethics and Post Research Methods. Avinashilingam Deemed University for Women, Coimbatore Participant
22nd ,23rd December-2010 National Level Path Finder- Explore, Experiment, Elucidate Research a Colloquium Avinashilingam Deemed University for Women, Coimbatore Participant
2nd,3rd August 2008 College Level Positive Therapy St Agnes College(Autonomous), Mangaluru Participant
Name : Vinatha K
Department : PSYCHOLOGY
Designation:Associate Professor and HOD

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
4/3/2016-5/3/2016 International Human Rights education for social work practice School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore Participant
23 February 2015 National General Intelligence and Reasoning Staff Selection Commission Bangalore Participant
9 July 2015 Regional Workshop on Creativity in Teaching Govt High School Baikampady, Mangalore Resource Person
29,30,31 May 2017 Regional Counselling skills School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru Participant
23 September 2017 Regional Stress Management and Meditation Brahmakumari Centre, Urwa Participant