• To develop a positive self concept in students.
  • To train students in communication skills.
  • To create awareness about social issues.
  • To inculcate the spirit of social concern.

Highlights of activities conducted for the year:

  • As a part of green initiative flowering plants brought by the staff and students were planted in the college garden and some plants were distributed to the staff and students.
  • A motivational video on social concern was watched and reviewed by the students.
  • Students were given a chance to go through the psychology books and review them.
  • Topic on handwriting analysis was taken and students analyzed their handwriting and interpreted.
  • Activities like pick and speak, spell bee and number of brain games were conducted.
  • Talk on stress management was organized in the classroom.
  • "Cooking without fire" competition was organized and students actively participated in it.
  • As a part of service activity the students volunteered to clean the department.

The Psychology Forum classes cover a wide range of activities which include:

  • interactive sessions
  • exercises
  • stress management sessions
  • group discussion
  • book review
  • presentation etc.

All this is directed towards helping the students have a better understanding of themselves. These activities contributes towards building up the personality of students in the direction of increased self-confidence and positive self-image.

Brain storm sessions which has a number of puzzles and riddles are organized which helps the students to develop teamwork and to bring out productive work.

The forum conducts students-centered activities like personality test , intelligence test , handwriting analysis . All these tests helps the students to know more about themselves.

To develop the communication skills and confidence in students, activities like movie review, pick and speak are also organized.

As a part of green initiative, flowering plants brought by the staffs and students were planted in the college garden and some plants were distributed to the staffs and students .