The Research Committee of the college conducted an orientation programme for the staff of the college on Research. Dr. Nancy H. Vaz, Convener of the Committee, welcomed the staff, highlighted the need for promoting research culture in the college, presented a brief overview of the plans envisaged by the committee with this regard and gave an introduction to topics to be dealt at the day's orientation. She introduced the two resource persons for the day's sessions, i.e., Dr. Premanand, Head of the Department of Psychology and Dr. Geetha Nazareth, Head of the Department of Chemistry, St. Agnes Centre for Post graduate Studies and Research, who are members of the Research Committee of the college.

Dr. Premanand gave a practical overview on Research methodology, Literature Review, statistical analysis, Research writing, Research language, Bibliography/references and publication, with regard to Social Science research. Dr. Geetha Nazareth took up the same with regard to research in Pure Sciences. The objectives of these presentations were to create interest in conducting quality research and to bring home to the staff that research is not a very difficult affair for those truly interested, when it is well planned and meticulously carried out.

Ms. Neethu Suraj, Secretary, presented the action plan of the committee for promotion of research for the year and gave her concluding remarks. All those who were interested in attending the workshop envisaged by the committee in July were requested to give their names. All the members of the committee were present and actively supported in conducting the programme.