This year 905 students enrolled for 36 Honours Programme under the
guidance of 37 teachers. The department of English has 4 projects; the
department of Zoology and the R&D cell have 3 each, the epartments of Botany, Commerce, Chemistry, Computer Science, Hindi, Political Science and the Career Guidance cell have offered 2 projects each. The rest of the departments have one project each. 125 students have enrolled for projects offered by the department of Political Science, 120 for those offered by the department of English and 91 for projects in the department of Commerce.

  • The department of Microbiology held an Aids Awareness Workshop for the benefit of our students on July 7-8, 2005.A doctor from the Tuberculosis unit of Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore & another from a Primary Health Centre, Kudupu were the resource persons. Ms. Prajwal was the convenor.
  • ICT Mode for Quality Enhancement in Higher Education" a National level symposium sponsored by NAAC was conducted on July14-16 2005 by the IQAC for college teachers. Dr. Sr.Prem D'Souza was the convener. The theme of the symposium focused on the relevance of Information Communication Technology in enhancing quality education. The participants were given opportunity to present their papers which were reviewed by an expert committee.
  • On July 30, 2005 the department of Botany organized a workshop, Earthworms-Harbingers of Organic Farming' for college students & teachers. It was sponsored by Ministry of Environment, Government of India through Karnataka Rajya Vignana Parishat. Dr. Maria Lobo was the programme convenor.
  • The department of Computer Science organized a workshop, "Training in Animation Software" for this college teachers to get hands on experience. It was from Aug13-19, 2005.Prof Ahalya was the convenor.
  • A regiona level workshop on 'New Topics in the Degree Syllabus' was organized by the department of Political Science on Aug 25, 2005. The sessions dealt with topics concerning emerging trends in political science, globalization of administration & governance, European Union, New International Economic Order & Public Redressal of Grievances
  • The department of Chemistry in collaboration with the Association of Chemistry Teachers, Mangalore (ACT) held a regional level workshop on Spectroscopy for teachers & students on Sept, 10, 2005. Two eminent scientists, Dr. Suryaprakash Rao & Dr. Jayaram Bhat form the NMR Division of Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore were the resource persons.
  • An intercollegiate level workshop on Autism was organized by the department of Psychology on Sept, 30, 2005.The resource persons were, Dr. E. Daniel & Ms. Smitha Pai from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore and Sr. Maria Jyothi from St. Agnes Special School. Ms. Vinutha was the coordinator of the workshop.
  • A National level Seminar on 'Research Perspectives in Eco- conservation' was sponsored by UGC and organized by the department of Zoology on Sept 9-10 2005. Prof. Nagaveni. B. was the convenor. The seminar highlighted the need and techniques used for eco-conservation including forest wealth & biodiversity. It also provided inputs on radiation technology for creating genetic variability in plants; application of microbes & plants for environmental remediation & development. The agencies involved in programmes for patent & rights regarding eco-wealth were also discussed. The resource persons hailed from renowned institutes of Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Karnataka.
  • The Department of Physics has organized a regional level seminar on November 9, 2005 to commemorate the World's Year of Physics. This seminar is meant to familiarize school teachers with interesting aspects & innovative methods of teaching Physics

The College has established the Research and Development Cell to promote research culture among students and teachers. As a first step towards the 'Cafeteria' approach suggested by the UGC the credit-based 'Honours Programme' is introduced for students to learn beyond their prescribed syllabus and to give them a taste for research. The Cell also encourages teachers to take up minor and major research projects.

St. Agnes is an undergraduate college. UG teachers are not qualified to guide PhD scholars. However, a research culture is nurtured in the college and two mini research laboratories were set up in Physics and Zoology for the use of teachers.

The Honours Programmes are mainly categorised under:

  • Field Study
  • Survey and Analysis
  • Practical/Laboratory Training
  • Lecture Series and Assignments
  • Training Programmes