With the growing challenges and dimensions in the field of education, research and publications have played a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of education. The UGC through the FIP provides ample opportunities for grant-in-aid staff to acquire higher levels of learning. The non-grant staff too pursue research on a full/part time basis utilizing the seed money. The number of Ph.D./M.Phil. degree holders has increased significantly over the years.

A significant achievement is the postdoctoral research fellowship awarded to Dr. Maria G. Lobo on "Haemoglobin Based Oxygen Carrier" at Yeshiva University, Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA from 2006 to 2009.

Consistent efforts have been made both at UG and PG levels to nurture a research culture as behooves an institution of higher learning. A significant number of faculty members are involved in research activities through minor research projects funded by the UGC. The minor research projects and other project activities including studies, case studies and module development undertaken by the staff include:

  • Dr. Deviprabha Alva, HOD of Commerce: Role of Higher Education in the Promotion of Social Enterpreneurship- A Study of the Curricular Design of Selected Business Schools of Karnataka State
  • Dr. Manjula B. C., HOD of Economics: Micro Finance and Empowerment of women through self help groups(SHGs): A case study of Dakshina Kannada
  • Dr. Geetha M. Pinto, HOD of PG dept of Chemistry
  • Mrs. Poornima Hegde, PG dept of Chemistry
  • Dr. Maria G. Lobo, UG dept of Botany
  • Dr. Nancy H. vas, HOD of Secretarial Practice : Awareness of Customer Relationship Management and its Relevance in Education - A Study of Engineering Colleges in Dakshina Kannada

Minor Research Projects sanctioned by the UGC during 2015 - 2016


  • Women Empowerment through representation in Panchayat Raj Instituitions of Dakshina Kannada - Mr. Chandramohan Marathe, Department of Political Science.
  • Effects of Vermicompost as an organic supplement of the Management of Horticultural varieties - Mrs.Vidya L., Department of Zoology.


  • "Synthesis",Characterization and antimicrobial activity of some 3D metal complexes of Schiff Bases - Ms. Divya Kumble, Department of Chemistry.
  • An evaluation of Strategies for Financial inclusion in Public Sector Banks - Dr. Catherine Nirmala J., Department of Commerce
  • A Study of work life balance of working women(Married and Unmarried) in Engineering Colleges in and around Mangalore - Mrs. Dolan Bannerji, Department of Commerce
1 Growth of Self Destruction Tendencies among Women with Reference to Suicides in the Socio - Cultural Context of Dakshina Kannada - Causes and Prevention - Mrs. Matilda Pinto and Mrs. Janita Pinto, Departments of English and Microbiology
2 The Development of a Module in Counselling for Degree College Teachers - Sr. Marie Evelyn A.C. and Mrs. Namratha Suvarna, Departments of Psychology and Business Management.
3 Ants of Mangalore - A Study of their Abundance, Diversity and Ecological Significance-Mrs. Emima David, Department of Zoology.
4 Trends in Women Entrepreneurship - A Case Study (2006) by Dr.Manjula B.C, Department of Economics
5 Innovative Methods of Teaching English in Multi-cultural Context - Mrs. Malini Hebbar and Mrs. Zubaida H, Department of English.
6 A Study of the Coins of Independent India - As a Source for the Study of India's Progress - Ms. Shirley D'Silva, Department of History
7 A Comparative Study of the Growth Pattern and Protein Content of Pods under the Influence of Organic and Chemical Fertilizers in Phaseolus mungo L. and Phaseolus radiatus L. of Dakshina Kannada - Dr. Noeline Pinto, Department of Botany.
8 The Role of Commercial Banks in Initial Public Offers - Mrs. Catherine Nirmala and Ms. Laveena Sequiera, Department of Business Management
9 Phylloplane Microbes of Members of Family Anacardiaceae - A Study - Dr. Noeline Pinto, Department of Botany
10 The Productivity of Small Scale Industries: A Case Study of Dakshina Kannada (2010) - by Dr.Manjula B.C., Department of Economics.
11 Diversity of Filamentous Fungi of Adyar Wet land - A Study - by Dr. Maria G. Lobo, Department of Botany.
12 Awareness and Use of Open Access Journals by the Academicians of Autonomous Colleges in Dakshina Kannada (2010) - by Dr.Vishala B.K., Library & Information Science.
13 Awareness of Customer Relationship Management and its Relevance in Education - A Study of Engineering Colleges in Dakshina Kannada - by Dr. Nancy Vaz, Department of PG Commerce.
14 Effect of Training Programme and Academic Achievements among Eighth Grade Girl Students by Mrs. Vinatha K. and Dr. Premanand V., Department of Psychology UG / PG.
15 Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups: A Case Study of Mangalore Region (2010) - by Dr.Manjula B.C., Department of Economics/Women Study Centre.
16 Reading Habits of Women in Mangalore: A Case Study - (2010) by Dr.Sudha S.T., Library & Information Science.
17 Role of Bank Finance for Self-employment of Women - A Case Study of Self-employment Programme for Urban Poor in Mangalore City Corporation (2011) by Dr.Manjula B.C., Department of Economics/Women Study Centre.
18 Income Generation for Women Students in Community College: A Study by Mrs. Sharon Rego, Women Study Centre.

In addition to the above, the students of basic sciences have been guided by the faculty to undertake research-oriented projects under the CPE funded by the UGC.

Department of Physics guided seven students for a project, in collaboration with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and the ground-water survey unit, Zilla Panchayat, Kottara, Mangalore, from August 2010 to September 2010.

Department of Zoology guided students in biodiversity studies in the following areas:

  • techniques of chromosome preparation and identification in Drosophila Species.
  • study of tropical ornamental fish and their breeding.
  • study of prawn diversity.
  • biodiversity study of molluscan shells found on the Panambur beach, Mangalore.

Department of Botany has guided students in the areas of :

  • palynological study of members belonging to Apocynaceae and Solanaceae.
  • stomatal rhythms and stomatal types in selected Monocots & Dicots.
  • NaCl salt stress and effect of GA3 and IAA on germination of chick pea.
  • cultivation of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus).
  • seed diversity.
  • medicinal plants - local types and their uses.
  • protein estimation of pulses.

Department of Chemistry has guided students' projects in the areas of :

  • estimating the amount of vitamin C present in multi-vitamin tablets/orange/canned juices.
  • estimating the amount of potassium content in fertilizers.
  • estimation of iron content in iron tablets.
  • isolation of organic compounds from natural products and preparation of dyes.
  • analysis of soap and antacids.
  • survey on food additives and E-numbers.