The Department of Psychology, St. Agnes Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Research, hosted a full day workshop on July 19th, 2018 by Dr. Animesh Jain, Professor and Head of Department of Community Medicine, Kasturba medical College, Mangalore. 64 students from the Departments of Psychology and Clinical Psychology participated.

The purpose of the workshop was to give an insight about research methodology. The first session began with Research Question and Writing a Research Protocol. It included various steps in research. The second session was on the topic Study Designs. This included various research designs and their details. Session 3 included various steps in constructing a questionnaire. This session was followed by a group activity on constructing a questionnaire mainly on four domains namely knowledge, behaviour, attitude and attribution. This activity included 8 groups. The activity gave a clear idea about how to construct a questionnaire. This activity was very informative and interactive. The final session was about the Ethical Issues in Research. It was indeed a fruitful session.