The Department was established in 1973. The department offers twin courses: i.e. SP (Secretarial Practice) and OPM (Office Practice and Management). The course in Secretarial Practice is offered as a major along with History/OPM /Economics, and the Office Practice and Management course is offered along with English Major and Psychology. The courses have been updated from time to time to cater to the changing trends in the corporate world. The recent revision of syllabus in Secretarial Practice and Office Practice and Management was done in 2011. The syllabus has been drafted to meet the following objectives.

At the end of a six-semester B.A. Degree Course, a student of Secretarial Practice is expected to acquire a fairly reasonable competence in the following areas:

  •  Secretarial skills for performing job-related tasks.
  • Proficiency in English both spoken and written and competence to handle correspondence independently.
  • Presentations skills using audio-visual aids.
  • Knowledge in handling Insurance Products and correspondence
  • Ability to plan, co-ordinate and conduct meetings
  • An understanding of Stock Market and its investment options.
  • Ability to operate the following Window-based Computer Applications - MS-Word, Excel HTML, PageMaker, DTP, PowerPoint, & Multimedia.
  • Maturity to understand and accept personal strengths and weaknesses and be willingness to learn continuously and strive for self-improvement by developing positive attitude.
  • Ability to the take initiative and work harmoniously as a contributing member of a team to achieve organizational goals.


At the end of a six-semester B.A. Degree Course, a student of Office Practice and Management is expected to acquire a fairly reasonable competence in the following areas:

  • Handling and maintaining of  books of accounts of small, medium, large scale organization and company.
  • Ability to plan, co-ordinate and execute the functions of a modern office
  • Knowledge in handling Human Resources efficiently
  • Knowledge in Costing, Financial Management, and Taxation.
  • Ability to venture into Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge in preparing projects of business concerns
  • Ability to work harmoniously as a contributing member of a team to achieve organizational goals.

Secretarial Practice- Papers Offered

Semester Course Code Title of the Paper Hours per week Credits
I SEP 101.2 Paper I:      Soft Skills and Personality Development 4 2
SEP 151.2 Practical -  WORD, Typing Master 3 2
II SEP 201.2 Paper II :   Secretarial Functions 4 2
SEP 251.2 Practical -   Internet, DREAM WEAVER 3 2
III SEP 301.2 Paper III:    Business Communication and Correspondence 4 2
SEP 351.2 Practical -   PageMaker 3 2
IV SEP 401.2 Paper IV:   Company Secretary and Company Meetings 4 2
SEP 451.2 Practical -   Excel 3 2
V  SEP 501.4/SEP 501.2 Electives:Paper V     Personal Financial & Investment planning Paper V:     Stenography I 3 3
SEP 502.2 Paper VI:   Travel and Tourism 4 3
SEP 551.2 Practical -   CORAL DRAW,  PowerPoint 4 2
VI  SEP 601.4/SEP 601.2 Electives:>Paper VII: Innovative Banking/Paper VII: Stenography II 3 3
SEP 602.2 Paper VIII: Enterprise ResourcePlanning 3 3
SEP 651.2 Practical -  Enterprise Resource Planning/ERP Tally 4 2

Activities During 2016-17

Orientation Programme

Orientation Programme for I year students of the Arts faculty was conducted on 23rd June. Department of SP took the charge along with the cabinet members and senior students (II and III year) to organize and conduct the programme. The programme included brief introduction to various departments, staff and the syllabi followed by ice breakers and cultural programme. This was followed by a short campus tour. At this programme the students were given a detailed orientation to their subjects and papers of study and the opportunities available for progression.


ARTSPIRE was conducted on the 30th of August. Every department had organized a competition each and a common variety entertainment competition was held. 10 teams took part in this fest. The best 2 teams were awarded the shield and the 2nd runner up was given certificates. Winner of each competition was also given certificates. The programme began at 9 a.m. with inaugural programme, at which Prof Elsie Tharien was the Chief guest and Mrs. Neena S. was the guest of honour. Valedictory was held at 3.30 p.m. with Dr. Manjula B.C., as the Chief guest.

Certificate Courses

Keyboard Certificate course was conducted by the department under the guidance of Mrs. Shanthi Nazareth for the students of the college. This year the course was taught by the students of Secretarial Practice department.

Activities during 2015-16

  • Orientation Programme was held for the students of the department
  • Competitions Conducted: 1. Computer Keyboard      2. Pick & Speak
  • Guest Lectures: 1.  Study Habits and Concentration   2. Compeering Programme    3.  Stress Management

Certificate course

  • Keyboard operations
  • Front Office Ambience-Aesthetic edge
Name : Dr. Nancy H. Vaz
Designation:Associate Professor
Qualification:Ph.D, PGDCA, Senior Grade Shorthand and Typewriting

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
19th and 20th January 2016 International Youth - lead Sustainable Development - Opportunities and Challenges Sacred Heart College, Thirupattur Presented paper
5th and 6th February 2016 National Quality Issues in Higher Education St. Agnes College, Mangalore Presented Paper
8/9/2013 International Inclusive Banking System in India: Problems and Prospects Nobel College, Machalipattanam, Andhra Pradesh Presented Paper
12th,13th,14th December, 2012 International Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development NDMC, New Delhi Presented Paper
27th to 29th September 2012 International Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship MES College of Arts and Commerce, Zuarinagar, Goa Presented Paper
26th and 27th April 2012 National Emerging Trends in Indian Service Sector Srinivas Institute of Technology, Mangalore Presented Paper
Name : Charles S. Pais
Designation:Associate Professor , Registrar
Qualification:M.Com, PGDCA

Name : Mrs. Shanthi M. Nazareth
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.Com, PGDCA

Seminars/workshops/conferences Attended

Date Level Title Place Participation Type
23rd to 26th February, 2016 National Media and Family Values Mangaluru Participant
27th & 28th February 2015 National Ancient Indian Political Thought St. Agnes College, Mangaluru Participant
19th January, 2013 State Renewable source of Energy St. Agnes College, Mangaluru Participant
7th & 8th of August 2012 Regional Workshop on Research for the Novice Zulekha Nursing College, Mangalore Participant

Papers Presented

Year Level Theme Place Participation Type
2012 International Apostolic Carmel: A case study of an Edupreneurial society Murgaon Education Society's College of Arts and Commerce, Goa Presented Paper

Students Achievements

Date Number of Students Organizers University / State / Zonal / National / International Title of the Programme (Event) Awards/ Place won/ Participation
23 and 24 August,2016 1 Besant Evening College, Mangalore National

Konkani Language - A Short Evaluation Presented Paper - Ms. Nileena Teressa James, I B.A(Office Management)