The Rangers Association organised a Self Defence session on the 5th of January. The members of the Rangers and Sports Association attended this session.

Mr Arjun Shetty who is Karate Instructor and associated with St Agnes College for 5 years conducted the session. He had brought along his student Mr Nihal to demonstrate self-defence techniques.Ms. Anusha Noronha,Staff in Charge of Rangers Association introduced Mr Arjun and welcomed the gathering. Mr Arjun during the session asked the students to be alert and observant in case they faced an unpleasant situation. He asked them to remember what not do while being attacked by using the keywords T.A.C.O.S which stand for Threaten (threatening the aggressor), Argue (arguing with the aggressor), Challenge (Challenging the aggressor), Order (Ordering or commanding the aggressor) and Shame (Disrespecting the aggressor).During the one hour session the students learnt several techniques which they could use to defend themselves. The students then practiced the techniques on each other until they perfected the technique. The session ended with the vote of thanks by the Staff in charge of Rangers association.