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College of Excellence by UGC, New Delhi
Star College Status by DBT, MST, Govt. of India



Best Manager

Are you ready to conquer the universe?
It's time to unleash your managerial acumen!
Get ready to show your prowess and face the challenges ahead.


  1. One participant per college.
  2. Formal dress code is a must.
  3. Laptop and internet connection is mandatory.
  4. Rules and details of specific rounds shall be disclosed on the spot.

Event Heads

Sheetal Ann Fernandes

Contact No. : +91 8095320153

Mukamba K. V.

Contact No. : +91 9535598717



"Knowledge is as infinite as the universe."
Boost your brain power and take part in this mind-boggling quiz to bring out the best in you!


  1. Two make a team.
  2. One team per college.
  3. Questions will be based on general knowledge and current affairs.
  4. Usage of phones or any other electronic gadgets is strictly forbidden.

Event Heads

Sandra Lewis

Contact No. : +91 9686239603

Melisha D'Souza

Contact No. : +91 9741964660


Master Mind

Money changes everything.
But if you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur.
A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.


  1. Three make a team.
  2. One team per college.
  3. All the three participants need to have laptops, dongles and pen drives of their own.
  4. Participants must have knowledge of finance, human resource and marketing.

Event Heads


Contact No. : +91 7411991944

Rishel D'Souza

Contact No. : +91 7411203894

Prathijna A.

Contact No. : +91 8105596180



When you know how to defend this and that equally well, you win!


  1. Two make a team.
  2. One team per college.
  3. Both the participants should be able to speak for or against the topic.
  4. Facts stated must be accurate.
  5. Repetition of points is not permitted.

Event Heads

Edreena Ferrao

Contact No. : +91 8073254184

Kanchana Patil

Contact No. : +91 7349583592


Treasure Hunt

Battle with clues and find the treasure before anyone else does.
And yes, do not forgot to carry your luck with you!


  1. Two make a team.
  2. One team per college.
  3. Clues are to be found in a particular order.
  4. Do not tamper with another team's clue.
  5. Usage of phones or any other electronic gadgets is strictly forbidden.

Event Heads

Jyothika Gopan

Contact No. : +91 8281784560

Nerissa Noronha

Contact No. : +91 8197116552


Mock Press

Face the spotlight as you step in the shoes of the assigned personality
and feel the heat and stress of the situation in the shower of questions.


  1. One participant per college.
  2. The personality to be enacted will be given at the time of registration.
  3. Total time allotted is 4+1 minutes.

Event Heads

Kavya Prasad

Contact No. : +91 8197116668

Rachana Ajith

Contact No. : +91 9620693067



Writing is your forte. Camera is your weapon.
Show your creativity by capturing the most striking image in the best possible way.


  1. One participant per college.
  2. Usage of own equipment (DSLR/Digital Camera/Mobile Phone).
  3. Editing of the photograph is not permitted.
  4. A description on the picture captured should be given.
  5. The picture should be related to the theme which will be announced on the spot.

Event Heads

Alinda Joseph

Contact No. : +91 9449575947

Sahna Zuleka

Contact No. : +91 7760351908


Video Parody

"Laughter is the best medicine."
Make us double over with laughter by your highly imaginative and creative
video parody on an iconic Bollywood movie.


  1. Two make a team.
  2. One team per college.
  3. The parody must not exceed 2 minutes and must be related to the given movie.
  4. Participants must bring their own laptops, mobile phones or any other gadget.

Event Heads

Binusha Lobo

Contact No. : +91 8618602227

Joslita D'Souza

Contact No. : +91 9606326902


Dessert Making

"There is no love more sincere than the love for food."
Skilled bakers and chefs, we invite you to tickle our taste buds with your
masterpiece preparation and show us how passionate you are about sweet course!
Are you ready with your recipe?


  1. Two make a team.
  2. One team per college.
  3. Time limit is 1 hour.
  4. Contestants must bring their own ingredients and prepare only one dish.
  5. One surprise ingredient will be given on the spot.

Event Heads

Ashwija K.

Contact No. : +91 7619584104

Renee Johnson

Contact No. : +91 9845643329



Let your life lightly 'Dance' on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.


  1. Theme: JUSTICE FOR ALL.
  2. Minimum number of members is 5 and maximum is 10.
  3. Time limit is 5 minutes.
  4. No extra time and marks will be given for stage setting.
  5. Music can be live or recorded.
  6. Songs must be given in a CD or a pen drive.
  7. Use of firecrackers, powders or any other item destroying the stage is prohibited.
  8. Vulgarity is strictly prohibited.
  9. Derogatory references to any religion or religious practices should not be made.

Event Heads

Prathiksha Shetty

Contact No. : +91 8884938045

Vijayashree G.

Contact No. : +91 9980242054

Krishnendu T. P.

Contact No. : +91 9746831259