The English department organised a workshop on soft skills on 17 July 2018 from 9.30 to 12.30 pm. The whole workshop was taken up by Vidya Shenoy, an entrepreneur and life skill coach. The workshop was divided into two sessions and was open to all literature students.

The first session focused on the tricks to sharpen oratory skills. The very important 3 V's to keep a check on was taught with the help of a power point presentation. Techniques to improve the pitch, hand gestures, eye contact etc were explained with the help of videos. Activities helped improve confidence and overcome stage fear. The second session began with a group activity through which everybody got a chance to speak and apply whatever they learnt in the previous session. The speaker was able to reach every student gathered in the auditorium and make them feel equally involved. The workshop was a success as everybody carried home the new and effective techniques to improve themselves.