Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Among Youth is a Sub-chapter of the Mangalore Chapter. Parents, staff and students are encouraged to take membership in the same and deepen their love for Indian culture.

The CULTURAL ASSOCIATION Cell has the objective of keeping Indian Art and Culture alive, and works for its proliferation amongst all, especially the students.


  • With the objective of educating our members and students of the college on different aspects of Indian culture, fine arts, especially music and dance, this year the students took up a notice board presentation on the theme "Indian folk musical instruments".
  • Seniors members of Cultural Association welcomed the juniors on 23nd June 2018 with a colorful program. Senior members exhibited their talents in the form of singing, dancing, acting etc.
  • On 30 June and 7 July 2018 had an audition for the first year students and identified talents of freshers.
  • In order to provide an opportunity and scope for the exhibition of creativity and talent the cell organized a competition on "Innovative Indian dances" on 21st July 2018. 16 groups participated. The competition brought out the creative talents of the students thereby enhancing the value of traditional Indian dances.
  • On 4th August 2018 association organized a competition "musically" for the members in which they had to act for the music chosen by other members.
  • On 11 and 25 August 2018 Alumni dance choreographers of our college trained our students on semi classical dance forms.
  • On 1st September 2018 students had an exercise on "music dumb charades" and all the members participated in the program actively.