Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Among Youth is a Sub-chapter of the Mangalore Chapter. Parents, staff and students are encouraged to take membership in the same and deepen their love for Indian culture.

The SPICMACAY Cell has the objective of keeping Indian Art and Culture alive, and works for its proliferation amongst all, especially the students. .


With the objective of educating our members and students of the college on different aspects of Indian culture, fine arts, especially dance. This year the students took up a notice board presentation on the theme "Indian Traditional Art Forms".

Seniors members of SPICMACAY welcomed the juniors on 25th June 2016 with a colorful program. Senior members as well as new members exhibited their talents in the form of singing, dancing, acting etc.

In order to provide an opportunity and scope for the exhibition of creativity and talent the cell organized a competition on "Innovative Indian dances" on 30 July 2016. 13 groups participated. The competition brought out the creative talents of the students thereby enhancing the value of traditional Indian dances.

To make the students to know about the objectives, principles and activities of SPICMACAY an Orientation was given to the members by the SPICMACAY staff coordinator on 6 August 2016. Our association members interacted with the coordinator for one hour and the coordinator briefed about the activities of SPICMACAY for the year 2016-17 along with the objectives of organizing such activities to the students. The members of the cell had a fruitful session.

With a view of exposing our students to the field of semi classical and contemporary dances the cell organized a course on the above mentioned art forms. Every Saturday nearly 51 members of the cell are undergoing training in "Semi classical and contemporary dances" under the trained senior students of SPIC MACAY.

In order to bring out the creative talents of the students the association conducted a "Props making Competition" for the members of the association on 18th February 2017. All the members in a group of 3 members took part in the competition and brought out some attractive props for the performance

Valedictory program was held on 11th March 2017, members of the cell exhibited their talents ,presented the activities of the cell and shared their experiences. Seven SPIC MACAY members who were actively involved in all the activities of the college for all the three years were felicitated.

List of Activities organized:

Sl.No. Date Title of the programme/activity Resource person Class participated No. of students/outsider participated Place where organized
1 30-07-2016 Innovative Indian Dance Competition - All students 13 teams of 8 members each College Auditorium
2 July 2015 to March 2015 Course work in "Indian Contemporary and semi classical Dances" Trained senior members of the cell SPIC MACAY members 51 members A4
3 18 February 2017 Props Making Competition - SPIC MACAY members 18 teams of 3 members each A4
4 11 March 2017 Valedictory Program - SPIC MACAY members - A4

Mrs. Shubharekha