Student discipline and activities are co-ordinated through the Student Cabinet of the College comprising the Student President, Vice-President and the Association Secretaries. The Cabinet functions under the direction of the Principal, Vice-Principal and other Staff Advisors of the different Associations. It is the responsibility of the College Cabinet to uphold academic standards, aim at excellence in all their activities and programmes, in keeping with the objectives and vision of the College.

The college cabinet of St. Agnes shoulders several responsibilities and organize several programmes individually in their capacity as Secretaries and also as a team. Every year an Orientation Proramme is organized for the members soon after their induction into the Cabinet to help them set goals and find methods of meeting them, to develop leadership skills and team spirit. Experts who take up the sessions also conduct interactive exercises to boost their confidence and learn to take responsibility.

Members take charge of events like Friendship Day, Students' Day, Class Socials, Traditional Day/Week, Teachers' Day, Intra-collegiate Competitions and Inter-collegiate Festivals. They assume responsibilities on Sports Day, Christmas Celebrations, Republic Day, College Day, Agnesian Day at home and wherever associations, cells and clubs require their services.

Cabinet Inaugural at St. Agnes College (Autonomous)

The Student Cabinet Inaugural was held on 8 July 2017 in the College Auditorium. Sri J.R. Lobo, MLA, Mangalore South Constituency was the Chief Guest. The Student President Ms.Mrunali J.P. took the Oath administered by the Principal along with the 4 Vice Presidents: Commerce-Ms.G.Yogyata, Science-Ms.Sapna Karkera, Arts-Ms.Shabna, BBA- Ms.Deandra D'Mello and 18 members of the cabinet.

Ms.Mrunali J.P- Student President
Deandra D'Mello - Vice President-BBA
Shabna - Vice President-Arts
G.Yogyatha - Vice President - Commerce
Sapna Karkera - Vice President - Science
Aishwarya S Puranik - Secretary - Hindi Sangh
Azweena H M - Secretary - Nature Club
Dhanalakshmi - Secretary - Kannada Sangha
Dimple Lobo - Secretary - Band and Western Music
Hancil Pinto - Secretary - Sports Club
Venitia - Secretary - Music Club
Jennica Rego - Secretary - Womens Cell
Lifam Fathima - Secretary - Aids Awareness Education Cell
Melisha Fernandes - Secretary - LIT-WIT Club
Rachana Shetty - Secretary - NSS
Rajina R - Secretary - Psychology Forum
Rayvia Sini - Secretary -SPICMACAY and Culutural Association
Lavanya - Secretary - Computer Club
Shri Nidhi Shetty - Secretary - NCC
Shriya R - Secretary - Rangers Club
suman Lobo - Secretary - Harmony Club
Suzana D'Souza- Secretary - Human Rights Cell