The College has introduced a "Women's Cell". Students, especially at the Degree level are earnestly exhorted to take an active part in the activities of the Cell. The Cell endeavors to alliveate the negative forces that confront women, both on the campus and in the city. The Women's Cell handles issues related to women's welfare.

THE WOMEN'S CELL seeks to empower the students of this, a women's college and educate them on gender-related issues. Hence the competitions conducted by the Cell are designed to showcase students talents, boost their confidence and identify their strength areas. Collage, poster making, quiz, singing, mehendi design, hairstyle and movie making are some such contests.

COORDINATOR : Ms. Deepa Kamath
  • 10th June : Orientation for second year students
  • 24 th June: Enrollment of the first year students and finalizing member's list
  • 1st July: Debate - Various topics were presented before the students & they were asked to speak for and against the topic
  • 8th July: Collage Competition - A topic "Women in future" was given to the students & they were asked to prepare the collage
  • 15th July: Craft Making - Women's cell organized craft making for the entire student's. They were taught to make paper butterflies and greeting cards
  • 22nd July: Puzzle Game - The women's cell had conducted puzzle games. A paper contained 6 pictures were cut into pieces and they were asked to put into the correct image
  • 5th August: Guest Talk - A guest talk was organised by the women's cell, Nature Club, Rangers and Hindi Sangha on the topic Breast Feeding Awareness and Women's Health and Hygiene by Dr Chethana Bhat
  • 12th August: Icebreaker - All the members of the women's cell were asked to speak about themselves, share their feelings and thoughts and also talk about their future planning
  • 19th August: Campus Cleaning Drive - Women's cell had organised campus cleaning drive. All the students of women's cell were informed to clean the Carmel block and also botanical gardening area of the Carmel block
  • 2nd September: Outdoor Activity - Women's cell along with the students of management forum conducted an outdoor activity to inculcate the team spirit amongst the members. Two different activity was conducted by dividing members in various groups
  • 9th September: Number Game - Women's cell conducted number game for its members to inculcate the quick decision making and to develop aptitude skills
  • 16th September: Awareness on Cyber Crime - A story on a girl named 'Amanda todd' who was been cyber bullied and had committed suicide was told the students of women's cell. The main intention of telling this story was to bring an awareness about the pros and cons of social media and networking