The present lifestyle and speed is taking its toll on our health and mental peace. Keeping this in mind 'International Yoga Day' is celebrated so that people can learn and even spread a word about yoga, which is actually proving helpful in destressing and also for living a healthy, peaceful, disease free life. Taking a step in this direction of healthy living, the International Yoga Day was celebrated at St. Agnes College on 21st June, 2018. This program was organized by NSS Unit, NCC and Sports Association. Around 100 students from these forums participated in yoga day celebration along with NSS program coordinators Mrs. Anitha and Mrs. Helen, Asst. Program coordinator Mr. Derik and Ms. Seema, NCC coordinator Dr.R.Nagesh and Ms. Gayathri and Physical Instructor Mrs. Vasudha S.

The program was held in the auditorium and began at 2.00 pm with a prayer song led by NSS volunteers. The Chief Guest of this program was Yogarathna Gopalakrishna Delampadi, Rajyotsava awardee. After the formal welcome, Delampadi Sir gave a short speech on how the youth have to practice yoga in their everyday life and what are the benefits of doing yoga? This was followed by a demonstration of various yoga Sanaís by Delampadi Sir and his team. Students were taught different yoga postures like Samasthithi-Thadasana,Neck movement, Shoulder movement, Thadasana, Vrikshasana,Arda Ushtraasana, Bhujangaasana, Shavaasana, and many more along with its power of healing the various ailments in our body, for improving ones concentration in studies and benefits in our daily life.